Monday, July 26, 2010

She's a Teenager

I know I recently blogged about Haley's birthday.  So it is not a surprise to you that she is a teenager.  That was when she chronologically became a teenager.  It would seem that she has "become a teenager" this last week.

Her new favorite word is "No" and she uses it frequently.  She uses it loudly.

I was downstairs on Sunday and Haley and her father were upstairs, I assume they were both using the computers in the office.  One at each end of the desk.  I can assume what was going on because they were both yelling.  Her Dad would yell something like "I am trying to help you, Haley."  and she would yell back.  I wouldn't hear anything for a few minutes and then I would hear "NO!"

She seems to have a short fuse lately.  We don't know why.  As it happens, it can't be PMS, because of the timing.  My only explanation is that she is becoming a teenager.  I remember when her Big Sis went through a phase when everything her Dad said was wrong.  She just seemed angry all of the time.  She actually told me once that she knew it was wrong to get mad at her Dad, but that she really couldn't help it.  I guess that must be what is going on with Haley.

I feel like I am the moderator.  On Sunday when they were yelling at each other I decided to just step in.  I resisted the urge to sit there and let them work it out.  I went upstairs and asked her to step out of the room with me.  I ended up taking her to the bathroom and changing her.  She seemed to be in a better mood after that, I don't know if she was just uncomfortable or if it was just the change of scenery.

She is testing our patience.  I guess she is testing us.  Teenagers do that, don't they?

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