Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I think my daughter has strange taste.

Haley doesn't use descriptive words very often.  Really she mainly uses nouns and some adverbs.  She does use the occasional adjective though. 

When she is shopping she uses the word "cute" a lot in reference to the clothes she likes.  She uses "scary" occasionally when referring to steam engines.  In context she uses the word "scare" which means that she is scared by the big, noisy, hot engines. 

She has used the word "soft" to refer to her cat or to a stuffed animal. 

She has a complete understanding of colors and uses them correctly 100% of the time, but there is one word that I am beginning to wonder if she really understands.

She has said that she thinks the Daylight steam engine is pretty, which I tend to agree with.  When that engine is cleaned up, pulling it's matching cars and barrelling down the track with a plume of white steam coming out of the stack against a blue sky I think it is pretty too.  She has used the word "pretty" to refer to diesel engines.  I am afraid I don't see it.

She does use the word pretty correctly, however, like when we are talking about flowers or the sky.

This morning when we were walking by the river we saw a tugboat.  I pointed it out to her and told her what it was and she said "pretty."  As we continued to walk along I realized that she must be using the word pretty like some people would use the words "cool" or "neat" or "awesome."  She also uses those words, but so far I have agreed with her use of them.

I personally don't find diesel engines and tugboats pretty, but I guess that we have different tastes.

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