Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keepin' It Real

Many people think I am neat and organized.  Boy do I have them fooled.  I strive to be organized, but I am not.  I am a mess.  My house would be a mess if I was not married to a very neat person.  He is neat in so many ways (I love you Hon!)

In the interest of "Keepin' It Real" on this blog, this is what my house looks like most of the time.  This is what it looks like if I don't know you are coming over, because if I know someone is coming over I run around like a crazy person and clean it up.  On a regular day to day basis, this is my house.

The landing on the stairs

The top of the stairs.

Haley's Room

Our bedroom, my side of the bed.

Our bedroom, Haley's Dad's side of the bed.

Of course the arrangement of these toys varies on a minute by minute basis, notice that the same toys are in each picture.  I didn't take pictures downstairs, I am sure you can use your imagination.

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