Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She Got My Attention

I love it when Haley makes an effort to get my attention.  I wish she would just say "Mom," but she doesn't.  Well, hardly ever.  There was that one time.

Last night after I had put her in bed she came down for a snack.  She went through the front room and around to the kitchen in what I would consider the "back way" or the "long way."  I guess this is her being sneaky, thinking that she won't get caught and sent back upstairs.  It cracks me up.  She has always gone that way - after I have put her in bed.

She had gotten her snack and had eaten it and was ready to go back to bed.  She won't just go back to bed by herself.  She always wants me to put her back in bed.  I was watching a show on the television; I was laying on the couch with a blanket covering me and I was engrossed in the show.

Pretty soon Haley is standing in front of me, in my direct line of sight of the television and leaning over toward me.  She whispered "help" and then stood up.  I told her she probably would have gotten a response from me if she had just said Mom, but I know that is a lot to ask.

This morning we were eating breakfast and I was reading the paper.  Haley had let the cat in earlier and he was sitting on the couch.  I was engrossed in the paper and I didn't hear her get up from the table.  All of a sudden I hear "Shadow upstairs."  I looked up and Haley was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at me.  I jumped up and said "Thank you" and ran up the stairs to see what kind of mischief my cat was getting into.

See, she can get my attention when she wants to.  I think she has learned what will get my attention the quickest, too.

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