Sunday, December 5, 2010

She Saw the Daylight

In our area we are blessed to have a steam locomotive that is operational and is run on special occasions.  One such occasion is the Christmas season.  Every year we like to take Haley for a ride on the Holiday Express that is pulled by either the 4449 Daylight or the SP&S 700

We wanted to go this weekend, but Haley's Big Sis is not feeling well so we are planning to go next weekend.  We bought our tickets this morning.

My husband always takes Haley train watching on Sundays and he really wanted to take her down to see the Daylight pulling the train today.  He was concerned that she would be upset if she got to see the train without getting to ride it. 

I didn't know what to tell him, but I said that maybe she would understand if he just told her the truth.  He decided to take her.

When they got home Haley came in the kitchen and started telling me all about it.  She told me that she saw the Daylight and that she walked and that she heard the engine's whistle.  She told me that she could smell the steam and smoke and that it smelled good.  Her Dad came in a few minutes later and prompted her to tell me more.  He told me that she wasn't scared.  At all.  He said that she walked right along side the engine and never asked to go back to the Yukon. 

He said that he really enjoyed the whole trip because she really enjoyed it.

I asked him if she was upset that she didn't get to ride it.  He said that she wasn't.  She talked about riding the cars and he told her that we had tickets for next Sunday.  She said "tickets" and that was it.  She was fine with it.

A few hours later. after she had spent the afternoon looking at pictures of the Daylight and the Holiday Express online she came downstairs and found me again.  She started telling  me how she had waved at the engineer of the Daylight, his name is Doyle.  She told me that she walked and that she had fun.

Well, I will let her tell you herself.

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