Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Riding Outside the Arena

After riding around the arena for several years Haley got to ride out in the open.  The owner walked Haley around the lot where the stable was located when it was nice.  Haley loved to walk under the trees.

She liked to touch the branches and the horses liked to eat them.  This was taken in March so the leaves were young, later on on the year she really liked it when the branches were covered with leaves.

The owner had her reach out and grab the branches as part of her therapy.  Occasionally she would lean a bit too far and move in the saddle.   She would have to be adjusted several times.  The pad you see in this picture was belted on to the saddle, it was a bath mat with a non-slip surface on it.  It served to keep her in place on the saddle, notice that she is no longer tied on with rope.

I adored this riding helmet.  Haley did wear a motorcycle helmet for several years and then one day the owner brought this helmet out for her to wear.  She was just so darn cute in it.

This was Chelsea.  Chelsea was built a little differently from Lady.  She had a much different gait.  This was a cool day, but I remember when the sun would shine Haley's legs would get really warm in the sun.  She would let us know that she was done by rubbing her legs.

Notice that her feet are in the stirrups, but those hands are still not on the horn.  She still would not hold on to the reins.  I wonder what that is about, remember she won't hold the steering wheel on Grandpa's tractor either.  Hmmmm.

This is a horse that Haley loved to visit, Haley never rode this horse.  He was an old timer that was allowed to live out his days in relative idleness.  He died shortly after this picture was taken.  I explained it to Haley, but I don't know if she understood.

She missed him.

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