Friday, February 4, 2011


My sister is going to have a baby girl.  We are expecting her in April.  I am very excited. 

I told Haley about her a couple of weeks ago.  She immediately went to the "magic white board" erased everything and wanted me to write Don, Grandma C, Amy and Baby Nola.

She checks it everyday.  She reads the names out loud, then she says things like "Awww..., cute, hug, love."

She has added other words under those names, and sometimes erases them and writes new things, but those four names stay.

I think she is excited too.

Haley doesn't have any experience with babies.  The last time she was around a baby she was pretty much a baby herself.  Our neighbors have a granddaughter that is around occasionally and Haley thinks she is cute, but she has never touched a baby or held one. 

I can't wait to share that experience with her.  I know she will be gentle, she is extremely gentle with animals.

Yesterday Haley got a haircut.  On the way home from her haircut, in the back seat, she said "Montana."  It seemed kind of random to me, but I let it go.  Later in the kitchen she went to The Board and wanted me to write Montana.  I did.  Then she jumped up and down and said "Yay!" 

I decided it was time to nip this is the bud.

I said "Haley, we are not going to Montana."  She gave me a look that said she was disappointed, but also that she was confused. 

I gathered that she had seen her Dad packing his camera gear.  Whenever Dad starts packing his camera gear she gets ideas.

I said "We are not going to Montana, but we are going somewhere.  Would you like to go to Grandma and Grandpas house?"


She started jumping up and down, then she ran over to the refrigerator and erased the whole board.  She got a pen and said "G. O. Grandpa. Grandma. Heather."  I wrote those things for her. 

Then she was off to start packing.

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