Thursday, June 30, 2011

Haley's Job

Haley has a job.  She does her job well.  She is taking out the recycling.

She has experience with earning money.  She has earned Daylight Dollars and dollars for other things that she wanted.  She is now just earning money for no particular reason.  She likes to have some money in her wallet.

When she was in school they would occasionally have an outing planned. They would send me a note telling me that they would be going to Safeway or the bowling alley and if I sent money Haley could buy something or participate. It was great for her.  I knew that they were using it as a learning opportunity.  I happily put money in her wallet.

Now that she is out of school I thought that it would be better if she earned her money.

Taking out the recycling is something that she started to "help" her sister with and now she can do it all by herself. I found out in the last couple of weeks at school that recycling is her job at school as well, maybe that is why she does such a good job of it.

We separate our recycling into two baskets. One is for paper and the other is for cans and bottles.  Once she is out in the garage she can dump either one into our big blue recycling bin. We have to separate the glass into a small green container.  I usually help her sort out the glass in the kitchen and then she takes it into the garage as well. Once she has done that I mark off three 'X's' on the white board. One for each trip to the garage.

The other day she walked up to the refrigerator and pointed at the white board and said "Money."  I walked over and told her to count the X's.  We counted them.  She had six. She wasn't satisfied.

She said "Money!" and held out her hand and pointed into it.


She apparently wanted actual money in her wallet. I got some money out of my wallet and counted it out into her hand. Then she got her wallet and we put the money in it.

I then erased the white board.

She did not like that. I told her she could earn some more. She just walked off in a huff.

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