Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everything is Fine

I have been really stressed out this past week.  I have been a mess since I found out that Haley's new school didn't have her scheduled to be in Life Skills.  I have been beside myself with worry. 

That is not an easy thing to come down from.

Tuesday night I went online and was able to look at Haley's schedule. She had Life Skills listed for every period. So that was good.

On the first day of school Haley's bus arrived right when the bus driver told me it would.

I didn't follow it.

Once Haley was on the bus, I immediately emailed her teacher and asked him to contact me as soon as he could and let me know that she was there and how she was doing.  He called me 45 minutes later. 

He reassured me. 

He understood. 

He said that he doesn't worry about the schedules, because they usually change. (That didn't help much.) 

He told me that he read the letter I had written and that he and Haley had already bonded over the 4449. So everything was good.

He asked me if I would be involved in some decision making about what the class would do this year. I told him I would be happy to. 

I hung up and relayed that information to Haley's dad and then I cleaned the house for the rest of the day.  I was still so pent up I didn't know what to do with myself.

Haley came home from school just like she always has.  I asked her how school was and she said "Fun." 

Her sister told me that they did in fact see each other in the cafeteria.  Haley was aloof.  Her Big Sis was a bit offended.  I hope that will get better.

So it worked out.  I am better now.  Everything is fine.

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