Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am so excited!  I just learned about an app for the iPod touch or iPad that could allow Haley to "talk."  It is called Proloquo2go.  I have been looking at the blogs of other special needs families and they shared their experiences with the app.  They even have videos of their kids using the app and talking with it.  It is amazing.

I have to be honest here and confess that I am geeking out just a bit.  I mean the truth is that I want an iPad.  I think they look so cool.  I also have long held the opinion that Haley would really benefit from a touch screen.  I thought that long before she ever taught herself how to use a mouse.  When I saw the first commercials for the iPad I immediately thought that it would be perfect for her.

It's not like we are lacking in gadgets around here.  We have computers and laptops and iPods.  Haley's Big Sis has an iPod touch herself and she has quite a few apps on it.  I just think that this particular app could benefit us all.

Haley can say some words and she understands a lot more than she can express.  I know that in her head she is saying all kinds of things to us, but frequently it comes out as a series of grunts and sighs and hums that I can't even accurately represent with typed words.  They are words to her though, I am sure of it.  Imagine if she could choose words from the screen and create sentences and hit play and get her meaning across to us.  Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

I looked a the videos that the other bloggers posted and then I went to the website for Proloquo2go and then I went to YouTube and there were more videos of kids using the app and actually having conversations with their parents.  It was truly inspirational.  Haley sat down next to me and watched a few of the videos, it was very interesting to her.  I showed her Dad the videos and he was dubious that she would actually use it to communicate.  He was afraid that she would just play with it.

I am not sure.  One of the blogs I read said that her son liked to stay in the section about his friends and that if allowed to he would stay in that section for a long time.  I can see Haley doing that if there was a section about horses or about trains, but I would hope that if I trained her to use it to communicate that she would see the benefit in that.  I know she gets excited when I actually understand what she is trying to say.  She gets the biggest grin on her face.

This is not the end of this.  I have more research to do, but I think this could be a really cool summer project.  It could be my way of extending the learning and the school experience into the summer.  I could ask her what she wanted to do, and actually get an answer. I am excited!

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