Monday, November 1, 2010

Queen Haley

Earlier this year when Haley's Big Sis and her girlfriends got ready for prom Haley seemed jealous.  It seemed like she wanted to join in.  We decided that for Halloween she needed to get glammed up.  We also decided that it need to involve glitter somehow.  We didn't really have a plan though.

Haley loves to go Trick-or-Treating.  She loves to get the candy.  I think in general she puts up with the costume.  Some years more than others.  Last year she wasn't at all thrilled with the costume part.

She doesn't get into it, she doesn't have ideas, she doesn't even talk about it.  All she talks about is "trick-or-treat" and candy.

I really haven't thought about it much since prom, I just knew that it would involve glitter.  Saturday night when I went to bed I started to stress because I had no idea what we were going to dress her up as.  I decided that I would try to go to sleep and think about it tomorrow...

So on Sunday at about 3:00 PM I went up to my closet to go through old costumes. I moved a few dresses to get back to the costumes and I saw it.  The dress that Haley would wear.  It was a dress that I had worn to a few events in the past, it wasn't an expensive dress, it had seen better days.

I showed it to Haley and told her that she could be a princess.  I showed her the tiara that she could wear.  She seemed to like it.

I went downstairs to do something and then I came back upstairs and she was wearing it.  I thought "Why fight it?"  I decided to go ahead and put on her makeup.

Once she was dressed and made up we decided that she was not a princess, she was a Queen.  She decided later that she was the Queen from Snow White.  I am not sure why.  All I know is that she was beautiful.

She went out with her Big Sis and her friends.  They were gone almost an hour.  Then they came back and left her with me and headed out again.  Then she got down to business and dumped her haul.  We categorized the candy and counted it and did her best to get rid of some of it.

That is the whole point, right?

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