Haley's Family

Haley's Mom

I am Haley's Mom.  I write most of the posts on this blog.  I started this blog for a couple of reasons; I wanted to share all of the challenging moments, silly antics, and amazing achievements of my beautiful daughter, who just happens to be developmentally delayed and I wanted other parents to know that raising a child that has special needs isn't always scary and difficult - sometimes it can be FUN!

Haley's Dad

Haley's Dad sometimes writes posts for this blog, usually when I am out of town, but sometimes because he experiences the amazing things that Haley does and wants to share them too.  Haley and her Dad share a love of trains.  They go "train watching" together once a week.


Big Sis

Haley has a sister who is two years older, but two inches shorter.  That isn't about to change.  Haley's Big Sis is amazing too.  She has patience and compassion for her sister and always has, from the moment we brought her home.  Haley's Big Sis is also Haley's best friend and My Anchor.


Grandma C

Grandma C is my Mom.  She lives with Don far away in a place called Montana.  She lives right next to the railroad track, which makes Haley very happy.  My mom is the source of all of the silliness around here.  Silliness is inherited.  Did you know that?

Grandma and Grandpa (G and G)

Grandma and Grandpa live a few hours away up north.  Grandma is an amazing cook and Grandpa has a John Deere tractor and a 40 acre Tree Farm.  Heather (the cow) lives behind their house.  For those reasons, and many others, Haley loves to visit them.

Haley's Aunts and Uncles and Cousins

There is also my brother Uncle T and his wife and his two kids and my sister, her boyfriend and her daughter.

Little Brother

I also must mention our cat Shadow.  We call him the girl's Little Brother.  We always refer to them as his sisters and me as his mom and my husband as his dad.  My husband is not comfortable with the last one, but that's life.


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