Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready for School

Summer is almost over.  School starts tomorrow.  I don't know if Haley is ready.

I think we are ready.  I have made sure that I have all of the things I need to make Haley's lunch.  The bus driver has called and let us know what time to expect the bus.  Haley has a new haircut and her nails have a fresh coat of Tree Farm Green.  I bought an extra package of Depends and a new wipe dispenser for the classroom.  Haley has plenty of clothes, so that is not a problem.

The problem is that I think we are really used to our current routine.

Haley really likes to get up first and dress herself.  She likes to spend the morning on her laptop.  She likes that I have been making her gluten-free pancakes for breakfast. 

I ask her if she is ready for school. 

She doesn't answer.

Usually any and all questions get "yeah" for an answer, whether it is an appropriate answer for the question or not.  This question does not get a "yeah."

The bus is coming.

I will set my alarm so that I will be up.  Haley will already be up.  Then I will have to direct her morning.  I will have to rush something that usually takes anywhere up to three hours into less than an hour.  I am not getting up any earlier than that. 

She will be getting on that bus in the morning.


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