Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shame on Me

I sometimes lose my temper.  I try not to.  I have learned that the quickest way for Haley to spiral out of control is to lose control myself.  Sometimes it is just hard though.

I didn't really get that upset today, but it was enough.

Haley seems to be hungry constantly.  She eats breakfast when she wakes up and then within an hour or two she is ready for lunch.  I sometimes suggest that she has a snack like fruit when that happens, but she is usually pretty insistent that what she wants is lunch.  It's easy enough to get her what she wants because she usually pulls out leftovers.

Today Haley had breakfast at about 8:30 in the morning and then wanted lunch at 10:30.

Around noon I was busy with something and missed my lunch.  I was hungry.  I came downstairs around 1:00 and started making my lunch and Haley brought me the oatmeal container.  I told her that I would make her some oatmeal after I was done eating.

Well, that was obviously not acceptable.  Haley started whining and crying and bringing me other options.  I don't know how many times I told her that I would make her oatmeal when I was done eating.  She just wasn't accepting it.  I finally got her to stop handing me food and sit down on the couch.  She sat there and cried.  The tears were slowly falling down her face, I felt bad.

I came up behind her and asked her if I hurt her feelings when I got mad at her.  She said "Yeah."  I told her that I was sorry and I said "You know Mom loves you, don't you?"  She said "I know."  She was still sad when I finished her oatmeal and put it on the table.  She usually eats two bowls of oatmeal, but she only ate one and then came an sat down beside me on the couch.  She is still upset.  It takes her a long time to get over things like that.  I should have been more careful.

I shouldn't let myself get hungry.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Not Fair

Grandma C is jealous of my husband's Dad, Grandpa C.  Haley gets really excited when he is coming to see her.  My Mom has witnessed the excitement first hand. 

Once she was at our house and had been there a couple of days when Grandma and Grandpa arrived.  Haley ran to the door and gave Grandpa a hug.  You know by now, if you have been reading this blog that Haley's hugs are not consistent, but Grandma did see that hug.

Grandma C knows that Grandpa C has the tractor that Haley likes to ride.  She thinks that the tractor makes the difference.  I don't know if that is true.  It doesn't bother me, I know she loves all of her Grandparents very much.

What Grandpa doesn't have though that my Mom and Don do is a train track right outside his window. 

Haley loves to come to Montana and stay at Grandma and Don's house because of the trains.  We can usually hear the train coming and we all yell, "Haley get to the window, a train is coming!"  Haley yells "WooHoo!" and giggles.  Sometimes several trains go by in one day.  Yesterday the same train went back and forth switching cars.  There was also a crew loading Herzog Cartopper backhoes onto some cars that were hauling new ties.  I think Haley was especially interested in this train because there was a caboose on the end.

Haley and her Dad sat in the back of the Yukon in the garage and watched the action for almost two hours.  It was really hot yesterday.  I think the high was ninety three.  It was a little cooler in the shade, but they were dedicated.  Haley was in heaven.

Haley loves that trains go right by Grandma's house.  It would seem that Grandma and Don have an unfair advantage.  So I really don't think Grandma needs to worry about Grandpa C's tractor.

Haley really liked the fact that the train she had watched all day parked right there and stayed all night long.  Whenever she looked out the window it was still sitting there.  She actually seemed a little concerned that it wasn't leaving.  She waved at it and said "Bye."  and then she would walk by later and it would still be sitting there and she would say "Bye." again.

I didn't appreciate it much however.  The crew walked away from the train around four o'clock in the afternoon and left it running.  It ran for a couple of hours and then shut down.  We had about an hour rest before it started back up again.  That went on all night long.  I ended up wearing earplugs to block some of the sound, but Haley didn't.  I was amazed that she could sleep through it. 

This morning about nine forty five the crew came back and the train finally left.  Haley and I went out the front door and waved goodbye.  Haley said "Bye.  Miss You." 

I didn't.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We went for a hike around a lake yesterday.  It was a beautiful day and the lake was crystal clear.  The hike was fairly easy, but it was all around the lake so once we began we had to see it through.

Haley is not a bad hiker, but her lack of depth perception makes it hard for her to see obstacles in her path.  The dappled shadows are especially hard for her because I would imagine that what she can see suddenly goes away. The trail was too narrow to walk beside her most of the way so I had her in front of me and I was supporting her arm and trying to look around her to see what she might encounter.

She would come to a complete stop whenever she encountered shade or what she could tell was a steep downhill slope.  She kicked a few big rocks and tripped on a few tree roots, but for the most part she did really well.  It was nice that we could see the lake from the trail all the way around because we knew how much further we had to go. 

Haley's Dad and Big Sis had led the way and I knew that they would made it all the way around the lake in about half the time that we would.  Haley and I trudged along slowly picking our way and stopping every once in a while to admire the view.  Grandma C and her friend Don were behind us stopping frequently to take pictures. 

About halfway around the lake there was a nice bench that we decided to take advantage of.  After a little rest we went on. We were walking along talking about the lunch that we had packed when the trail took a turn to the right away from the lake and Haley started heading up it.  I looked ahead and saw what she had seen. 

She saw picnic tables.  They were the same picnic tables that we saw when we first arrived at the lake.  We had talked about coming back to those picnic tables for our lunch after we had hiked the trail around the lake.  I knew that we had a ways to go to get back to the other end of the lake, but my daughter had decided that she was done.  I tried to call her Dad on his cell phone, but my cell phone had died.  Don said he would complete the trail and meet up with Haley's Dad and sister.  So we sat down at the picnic tables to wait.

Some flies decided to join us.  Haley was fascinated by the flies.  When they would land on her arm instead of jumping and screaming like a lot of other kids would do she just studied them.  It got to the point where they would just climb all over her.  She was grinning and giggling.  It was fun to watch.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Montana Train Watching

When we come to Montana Haley's Dad likes to drive around and take pictures of the beautiful scenery and the occasional train.  I could tell that he was getting ready to go yesterday and I suggested that he take Haley.  She loves watching trains and she hadn't been train watching in a while.  She was excited to go.

They were gone for a while.  When they got back Haley was really happy.  She kept telling me that she had a "fun time."  I asked her Dad if he got any good pictures while they were out.  He said he got one.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Haley likes to travel and visit her Grandma, but she also likes to take a little comfort from home with her. She packed a variety of videos both in VHS and DVD form. Grandma has a two story house. She has a TV on the second floor that Haley can watch her VHS tapes on and if she wants to watch a DVD she has to come down to the first floor.

It gives us a little break from the sound of her shows while she is upstairs, but it is kind of nice to have her come downstairs with the rest of us too. It seems to work quite well unless she wants to watch a DVD and someone else wants to watch the TV. That happened yesterday when the Mariners game came on.

Haley wasn't in a flexible mood yesterday. She wanted to watch a DVD. Grandma asked if she could watch her DVD on her laptop. I kind of forget that is an option. I took the laptop upstairs to set it up. The easiest place to put it was on the table right next to the TV. I thought that it would be a good place to put it because she had a little nest of pillows on the floor all set up so that she could watch the TV. I got her show running and came back downstairs.

A little while later her Dad went upstairs and then came right back down. He asked me if I knew what was going on upstairs. I thought I did, but I went upstairs to see what he was talking about.

Haley had the laptop playing her DVD and the TV with her VHS tape playing at the same time. On top of that she had my Mom's keyboard playing a background rhythm and she was looking at a magazine.

My child is a multi-tasker.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grandma's House

Haley was excited to go to Grandma's house.  She was ready to go.  She was a bit worried that we weren't be completely truthful with her, however.

She had packed everything that she wanted to take.  She had tried to make sure that Mom and Dad were packed as well.  If something was sitting on the counter she would put it into our suitcase.  She even went in to her sisters room and pointed to her pile of clothes on the floor and said "case."  Big Sis didn't really appreciate the help.

After dinner she started talking about loading the Yukon.  She finally convinced her Dad to start loading and she went out to help him.  I was doing the dishes and he came in and told me that she was sitting in the Yukon.  He had told her several times that we were not leaving until the morning, but she wanted to sit in the Yukon.  When I had finished with the dishes I went out to check on her.  There she was still sitting in her seat.  I had to practically drag her out.

The next day we were up and out the door early.  We had a long drive ahead of us.  Grandma lives in Montana.  We had to explain to Haley that we would go to a hotel and spend the night and then get up and drive again.  She seemed to understand that.

The first day went really well.  She is getting to be a really good traveller.  There was a time when she wasn't. 

She kept us entertained.  About once an hour she would yawn dramatically and say "tired."  We told her to take a nap and she would put her head on her pillow and "snore" and then say "wake up."  She did that the whole way.  I told her that maybe she wasn't tired, maybe she was just sleepy.  Then she added that to her routine; she would yawn really loudly and then say "tired, sleepy."

The second day of travel went about the same as the first except every time we stopped at a rest area she would say "Grandma's house?"  I had to keep reassuring her that we were indeed going to be at Grandma's house by dinner time. 

We stopped at a springs for lunch, we ate in the Yukon and then decided to go for a little walk around the springs.  Haley's Dad said "Haley, let's get out of the Yukon and go for a walk."  Haley said "No" and shook her head.  I don't see the head shake very often. 

He said "Come on, we are just going for a little walk."

"No." Head shake.

I got her to get out of the Yukon and we started walking.  She kept saying "Yukon.  Grandma's house.  Yukon."

I finally told her that we could head back to the Yukon.  She practically took off at a run.  We sat in the Yukon and waited for Big Sis and Dad to come.  She relaxed once we were on the road again and said "Grandma's house, yeah."

It seems that she thought we were fooling with her and that we really weren't going to get to Grandma's house after all.  I don't know why she doubts us.  You'd think we weren't always truthful with her.

Friday, August 20, 2010

That's The Way it Should Work

We are planning another trip, this time to see my Mom.  We didn't hint about it ahead of time, and Haley didn't find out until today.  It works so much better that way.  It didn't stop her from going in to "full scale packing mode" however.

Last night my husband had an atlas and some maps out.  When Haley sees maps she gets suspicious, it usually means someone is going somewhere (usually Dad.)  She seemed interested in the maps so he started telling her about the maps.  They talked about the map that the atlas was open to and who might live in that area.  Grandma C.

Then she came downstairs and found me and said "Grandma C*****".  I assumed at that point that he had told her where we were going so I said "Are we going to see Grandma C?" and she said "Yeah!"

This morning while I was in the shower Haley took all of her clothes out of her drawers and piled them on her bed.  She came and got me and brought me in to see what she had done and said "case" which means "suitcase"  I know that now.  The first time she said that to me several months ago I had no idea what she was telling me because it sounds more like "keys."

So we counted out the right amount of outfits and put the rest back in her drawers.

She packed her horses into a green purse that was in her closet.  She packed all of the videos that she wants to take.  She packed her laptop and her computer games.

Then she started bringing me food.  I thought she wanted a snack at first, but I soon realized that she was packing snacks.  A few minutes ago I walked in to the kitchen to find those first snack items that she had picked out on the island along with a box of cereal, a bottle of barbecue sauce and a carton of coconut milk ice cream.

Right now I can hear her coming down the stairs with her suitcase.  Thud.  Thud.  Thud.

I need to start packing.  If I wait too long Haley will start packing for me and I have no idea what that might entail.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What You Have Missed

Tuesday I was busy on the computer, but the whole day went by and I didn't blog.  Wednesday we didn't have Internet access most of the day.

Here is what you missed:

On Tuesday Haley's Big Sis had a friend over.  This friend is a boy, but not a boyfriend (you know the drill.)  He has been over before, a couple of times.  Haley's Dad and I found out, after he left, that when he comes over (every time he comes over) Haley flirts with him.  Apparently she bats her eyes and smiles and "acts" shy, but makes a point to be where he and her Big Sis are.

Although cute and funny, this is not good news to me.  I have not witnessed it, because I give them some space, but it scares the living daylights out of me.  I don't know if it is just this particular boy, because she doesn't have the opportunity to be around boys very often.  It just makes me even more happy that she has a one on one all day at school. 

That is all I am going to say about that right now.

Haley is still very much into her Daylight Dollars.  It has been kind of fun to say "Haley will you come and put away the dishes...for a dollar."  She says "Yeah!" and jumps up and runs into the the kitchen and gets busy.  It's great.  She has seven dollars so far.

On Wednesday Haley's Big Sis decided to spend a chunk of her savings on a new gaming system.  We came home and set it up and then I had to leave for a meeting.  While I was gone Haley apparently wanted to play with her sister so Big Sis gave her a controller that was not plugged in to the game and they sat there together and played.  I love it when stuff like that happens.  They worked it out together and they were both happy.  Maybe this "two teenage girls in the house" thing won't be so bad after all.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Daylight Dollars

I may regret this.  You would think I would learn, especially after the twelve day period that I just went through, but here I go again.

Haley is a shopper.  She loves to shop.  She loves clothes. She doesn't seem to think that she can get to a point where she has enough clothes.  She is always on the search for that elusive special shirt that she just can't live without.

I needed to go to the mall on Sunday.  Haley's Dad was not home and Haley's Big Sis needed to go with me (we were returning a video game and it was apparently urgent.)  So I had to take Haley.  I tried to explain to her before we left what we would be doing.  We were going to a specific store within the mall and that would be the only store we were going in to.  We were not going to go to another store.  We were not going to buy anything.

We had just been to a store a couple of days earlier (for Haley's Big Sis) and Haley walked out of it with a big bag.  I am so weak.

Anyway, it didn't matter what I said before, during or after.  Haley was upset that she didn't get to buy anything.

Later on that day she was looking at her Historic Rail catalog and she saw a t-shirt with the Daylight steam engine on it.  It is black and it looks like the white steam and other white parts of the shirt might glow in the dark, much like the 700 shirt she already has.  I told her that. 

"Haley, it's just like the one you have with the 700 on it."


Oh, right.  It is different.  My bad.

She is starting to get the concept of money.  She knows that she needs money if she is going to the mall with her class.  She knows Mom puts money in her wallet when she needs it.  She knows if there are numbers next to something in a JCPenney's ad it means - money. 

She pointed to the picture of the t-shirt in the catalog and said "Money."  I told her that it was fifteen dollars.

Then I got an idea.  What if I had her do some chores to earn the money.  I had already asked her to pick up her videos and put them away (and she hadn't done it.)  I thought that if she had some incentive she just might.  I asked her if she wanted to buy the shirt.  She said "Yeah."  I told her that she needed fifteen dollars.  I told her that if she picked up her videos and put them in the cabinet I would give her one dollar.  I said "Would you pick up your videos for one dollar?"  She said "Yeah."  She bent down and picked up her entire stack of videos and headed for the cabinet.  I could see disaster all over that, I watched her take a few steps and put them on the ottoman.

I realized I was going to have to be more specific.  I showed her how to stack each one on the table by the cabinet and then I showed her how to put each one in the cabinet.  I walked away.  It must be noted that both her Dad and her Big Sis were witnesses to this whole thing, they were not much help though.  Haley's Dad made a comment about how she was doing and I looked over to see her stacking all of the videos up too high.  I had to come back and show her how to make them fit within the cabinet.  When she was all done I said "Good Job!" and I showed her the chart on the fridge that I had quickly made on a white board.  I showed her the fifteen squares and then I filled one in.  She was excited.

Since then she has put away all of her toys and helped me empty the dishwasher.  I am going to have to think of more things for her to do.  She doesn't like to wait so she will want to move this along.  She is already eyeing a video on the same page that is 30 dollars. 

She is very excited about earning her dollars though, she started calling them Daylight Dollars.  I thought it was appropriate.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bless You

I have been busy lately, and a little distracted.  I am working on a project that keeps me at my desk and on the computer.  Haley has been keeping herself entertained, for the most part.  She has really been playing with her toys, which I think is kind of a reaction to losing so many.

She took a break from playing toys and wanted to watch a movie.  She brought me the DVD and then she wanted to be covered up with a blanket.  If you know Haley you know that only means she wants Shadow to join her too.  I got her all set up and then she wanted popcorn.  After I made her popcorn I went back in to my office and sat down.

Every now and then Haley would grunt.  She chose to watch the "extra stuff" from Monters, Inc., which means that I have to push a button every five minutes or so.  I didn't have the patience for that so I tried (yet again) to get her to use the remote.  I showed her which buttons to push and I asked her to push them.  When the show actually started playing I made a big deal out of it and told her that she had done it.

She actually pushed the button a couple of times, I could hear the different segments starting.  I was really proud of her and really surprised.  Then I heard the grunt again.  I came around the corner to see what was going on.  There was a lot going on.  Haley's Big Sis is good at setting the reminder on the cable box to the shows that she wants to watch, but then sometimes she isn't even home and the TV reminds her anyway.  That reminder had come up on the screen and Haley had started pushing buttons.  The setup screen was blinking.  I finally had to turn everything off to get control of it again.

So that kind of backfired on me.  Haley was no longer interested in pushing the buttons.  I told her that she needed to watch the movie, so that I didn't have to keep getting up.  I got that going and went back in to my office.

A little while later she had put in a VHS tape, the silly player that we have plays both VHS and DVD's.  It will play them both at the same time, so if she puts in a tape it starts playing it (sometimes) while the DVD keeps running.  I heard the Pixar short Tin Toy start up. 

If you haven't seen it, it is cute.  A baby gets a new toy that makes music, but the baby is not gentle with it's new toy.  We soon learn that the baby isn't gentle with any of it's toys.  Anyway, in this short the baby sneezes.  Right after the baby sneezed Haley said "Bless You." 

It made my day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grandpa's Tractor

One of the highlights of any trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house is riding on Grandpa's tractor.  Haley doesn't ride by herself, but I wanted her to pose on the tractor for me.  She usually "sits on Grandpa's lap" which means she kind of sits in front of him.  She is so tall that it is getting difficult for them both to be in that seat.  The problem is that she doesn't listen to instructions and she won't hold on to the steering wheel.  Grandpa is trying to get her to hold on and steer, but she is very hesitant.

Grandpa asked her to put her hand on the loader control.  I snapped this picture, then he asked her to pull on it and I snapped another one.  I didn't know what was going to happen.  What happened is that she lowered the loader with a good sized thump.  We both jumped.  I didn't get that shot.

Notice the cow in the background, that is Heather.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Train Ride...Yeah"

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house was the way that Haley got there.  My husband took her on Amtrak and her Big Sis and I met them in Tacoma and then we drove the rest of the way.  This is his account in his words:

"Train Ride...Yeah"

For several years I've had the idea that on a trip to Grandpa's Haley and I should ride Amtrak up to Tacoma while Haley's Mom and Big Sis drive up and meet us.  Haley's ridden several excursion trains but has never set foot on the Amtrak trains she sees and loves to watch. I decided last weekend's trip to Grandpa's would be a good opportunity to make this trip since we were treating Big Sis to a Mariners game.

All Aboard

Haley's Mom spent some time explaining to Haley that she and Dad would be riding the train for part of the trip to Grandpa's.  She really didn't seem to understand the concept but did go along with it.  We arrived at the Vancouver depot about 25 minutes before train time and again explained to Haley that we'd be riding Amtrak to Grandpa's and finally I think it started to sink in.  When we stepped onto the platform a few minutes before the train arrived she seemed ready to go but very unsure of what was going on.  In typical Haley fashion she was a bit apprehensive about actually boarding the train but went right along with it.

Highball Vancouver!

Once on board we found our seats and started our journey.  Haley of course got the window seat so she could see everything easily.  I pointed out several of our favorite train watching haunts as we whizzed through Vancouver's western suburbs.  Haley was very quiet and seemed to just be soaking in the whole atmosphere of rolling down the track at 79 mph.  North of Woodland we passed one of the railroad's automated hot box detectors that inspects the train for hot axles/wheels and dragging equipment.  These detectors give a status to the train crew over the radio and Haley has always enjoyed the last part of the radio message which is "detector out."  I let her listen on the radio to the message from the detector and that seemed to tickle her.

The Whistle

On board Amtrak Cascades cars the ride is smooth and quiet except for the occasional clickety-clack when passing over the frogs of switches.  Haley's favorite noise though was the whistle.  Despite being about 5 cars behind the engine the wail of the air horn was easily heard and several times Haley commented on hearing it.  "Whistle" she'd say and point to the front of the train.

Other Trains

The cars ride quite low so when meeting or passing other trains about all you see out the window is wheels and the bottom portion of the freight cars.  We saw around a dozen trains along the way but it wasn't until we about to dive into Tacoma's Nelson Bennett tunnel when we passed a Union Pacific stack train that Haley became excited about seeing a train out her window.  "Pacific", "cars", "blue", "train ride....yea" she was really into our ride now.  In fact when we passed the head end of the UP train she actually identified the yellow engines as belonging to the Union Pacific.

Tacoma in 5 minutes

As we passed through Ruston meeting two southbound BNSF freights Haley was on a roll identifying engines and logos on cars out the window.  She was really enjoying herself.  I had to explain to her that in a few minutes we were going to be getting off the train and meeting Mom and Big Sis so we could head to Grandpa's.  That didn't seem to bother her as it seem like she was really ready to tell someone about her experience. 

Off To Grandpa's

We got off the train and met up with Mom who got a few more pictures of us in front of the train.  As a last thrill for the night we all stood on the platform and watched as our train pulled away from the Tacoma station.  Haley always enjoys the cadence of locomotive exhaust noise and with the train accelerating out of the station the exhaust rumbling off the ceiling of the platform cover was thrilling.  Spontaneously she said "bye a train" and gave a great big wave.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Other Shoe

Shortly after I posted the last blog post Haley's Big Sis decided to go over to her friends house.  Shortly after that Haley seemed agitated.  She wanted to know where her sister had gone.  I told her and then she got upset.

I asked her if she missed her sister and she said "Yeah."  Then she said "Haley. Day. ent."  She said it a few more times.  I finally clued in.  She was saying "Haley's Birthday Present."  I asked her which present she was referring to.  She repeated herself.  I repeated myself.  Then she said "One. Two. Three." holding up finger for each number. I said "Do you mean all of them?" and she said "Yeah."  I said "Are you missing your birthday presents?" and she said "Yeah." and started crying. 

It was then that I realized what was in those purses.

Haley and I decided to go shopping.

We went to Target and found a new Polly Pocket to replace the seven or eight Polly Pockets that were in those purses, including the one that her Big Sis had given her for her birthday.  We also found a new Lightning McQueen to replace the two that were in those purses.  We looked for a fawn to replace Raina the Schleich fawn that was in those purses, but we didn't find one.

We then went to the Feed Mill where we found another deer (not the same one she is missing) a new draft horse, two baby horses and a cow that has horns like Heather.

I know I can't replace everything that she lost, but I feel better.  She seems to really like her new toys and she isn't crying anymore.

Wow. Really?

This is one of those times that the title of this blog is so appropriate.  My daughter amazes me...

Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast and got dressed and went out to look at the Yukon.  As we walked toward it this is what I said:

"Haley, something bad happened last night.  Someone broke the window out of the Yukon."

We walked up to the Yukon and I put my hand through the window.  I showed her the glass all over the seat and the floor and the bits that were still hanging on to the side of the opening.

"Someone wanted your purses.  They broke the window and they took them.  See.  Your purses are gone."

She looked in the window and then she turned to me and said.


"Yes, honey your purses are gone."


"Do you want to go say 'Good Morning' to Heather?"


That was it. 

Then we went up the hill and visited the cow that lives behind Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Haley's Dad and her Grandpa made a makeshift window out of cardboard and duct tape and cleaned all of the glass out of the Yukon and we drove it home.  This morning someone came to the house and fixed the window.

Haley did ask me if she could take three toys from the box of toys that Grandma and Grandpa have for her at their house home with us.  I told her to ask her Grandma and she did.  Grandma said she could bring them home.  We now have a Mickey Mouse, a Minnie Mouse and a Woody the Woodpecker that we didn't have before.  She has played with them constantly ever since.

This morning I noticed that Haley was going through her toys in her room.  She hasn't said anything more about the toys that are gone.  I don't know if she will.  I kind of feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far it hasn't affected her.  She has been really big about it.

Will wonders never cease?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am so sad

The blog I wanted to write is going to come in a couple of days.  This is the blog I have to write.

We made the trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house not only to see them, but also to go to a Mariner's game.  We left Haley with Grandma and Grandpa and Haley's Dad and I and her Big Sis drove to Bremerton and took the ferry to Seattle to watch the game.  We had a great time.  Then we got back to the Yukon to find the window broken.  My husband started to say that at least there wasn't anything valuable in the Yukon when Haley's Big Sis realized that Haley's purses were gone.

I usually make sure there is nothing of value visible in our vehicles when I leave them parked.  It is one of the things that my Dad taught me.  It is something that I take very seriously.  I even made sure there was nothing around the front seat where I was sitting before I got out of the Yukon, but I didn't think about Haley's purses.

We usually leave Haley's toys in the Yukon when we go to G and G's house because they have a box of toys that she plays with while she is here.  We generally don't want her to mix her toys up so we usually don't bring them into their house.  We made an exception this time because Haley really wanted her horses to come in with her.  Thank God we did.

I don't know yet what I am going to tell her when she realizes that her purses are gone.  I don't even know what was in her purses because she has had them packed for TWELVE DAYS.  I usually have some idea of what she has packed, but this time I don't.  My husband thinks we should just wait and see if she misses them.  Yeah, right.  She will miss them.  She knows what she brought.  I am dreading this. 

We have bigger problems right now.  There is no glass in the back window.  We don't know how soon we will be able to get the window replaced.  The Yukon is full of broken glass.  We don't know when we will be able to go home.

All I can think of right now is what will happen when my daughter realizes that all of her favorite, special toys are gone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two More Days

That's all, really.  You'd think I told her 100 days or that I had told her "No, we are not going to see your Grandpa after all."  I haven't.  I just keep agreeing with her.  Every time she says "Hug Grandpa, Yeah."  I nod or say "Yes." or I say "On Friday."  It doesn't matter.  She wants to hear "Now."  She wants us to leave now!

We spent the evening, through dinner, listening to her ask, whine, cry and scream.  I know she won't be like this once we get to Grandma and Grandpa's house, she will be her sweet little angelic self for them. 

Right now I am tempted to take her up there and leave her.  I am sure they won't mind.  They can just bring her back the next time they come down for a visit, right?

Preferably before school starts.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I think my daughter has strange taste.

Haley doesn't use descriptive words very often.  Really she mainly uses nouns and some adverbs.  She does use the occasional adjective though. 

When she is shopping she uses the word "cute" a lot in reference to the clothes she likes.  She uses "scary" occasionally when referring to steam engines.  In context she uses the word "scare" which means that she is scared by the big, noisy, hot engines. 

She has used the word "soft" to refer to her cat or to a stuffed animal. 

She has a complete understanding of colors and uses them correctly 100% of the time, but there is one word that I am beginning to wonder if she really understands.

She has said that she thinks the Daylight steam engine is pretty, which I tend to agree with.  When that engine is cleaned up, pulling it's matching cars and barrelling down the track with a plume of white steam coming out of the stack against a blue sky I think it is pretty too.  She has used the word "pretty" to refer to diesel engines.  I am afraid I don't see it.

She does use the word pretty correctly, however, like when we are talking about flowers or the sky.

This morning when we were walking by the river we saw a tugboat.  I pointed it out to her and told her what it was and she said "pretty."  As we continued to walk along I realized that she must be using the word pretty like some people would use the words "cool" or "neat" or "awesome."  She also uses those words, but so far I have agreed with her use of them.

I personally don't find diesel engines and tugboats pretty, but I guess that we have different tastes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Daylight. Back. Box.

My daughter has been saying this for several weeks.  I am glad that I know what it means, or I might have gone completely bonkers by now.

When Haley and her Big Sis got to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's a while back she "borrowed" a catalog from their house.  She recognized the catalog because we had received the same one in the mail.  It is a catalog of train related items, things like; train decor, videos, books, puzzles and such. 

She really likes the item on the cover of the catalog.  It is something that I think she has decided that she wants in her bedroom.  I am not sure that she will get it, because it is relatively expensive, but she does like it.  So when she saw the catalog at Grandma and Grandpa's house I think she thought it was hers.  I don't think she had packed that catalog, but she assumed it was hers when she was packing to come back home.

Well, the day after we got home she had come across the catalog that was here and she put the two catalogs side by side on the table.  When I saw them I realized what had happened and I told her that she must of grabbed Grandma and Grandpa's catalog by mistake.  After a series of conversations about this she has come to the conclusion that she needs to return the catalog to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

So not only is she anxious to see Grandma and Grandpa for all of the normal reasons; giving them hugs, seeing Heather and riding Grandpa's tractor, she also wants to return their catalog.  She talks about it constantly.  Everyday we go over how many days it will be until she can see them.  We are counting it down on our fingers and checking the calendar. 

Every time we talk about it she says "Daylight. Back. Box."  Loosely translated this means: "I am going to return the catalog with the Daylight on the front of it to the box at Grandma and Grandpa's house where they keep all of their magazines." 

I have told her several times that Grandma and Grandpa probably don't miss the catalog, they in fact are probably happy you have it because you enjoy it so much, but it doesn't matter.  She has decided that what she did was wrong and it is time to set it right.  So I have to remind her that it is not really time yet, but in will be in four days.


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