Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Little Helper

I have been a bit distracted lately.  I have a lot on my mind.  I really love that when I get like this I have someone around that helps me get through it.  Haley was on the ball this morning.

When it came time for me to make Haley's lunch she started pulling things out of the cupboard and the refrigerator, I had to ask her a few questions but for the most part she basically told me what to pack in her lunch. When I was done making her lunch she anticipated my next move which was to fill out her paper.

Every day before school I fill out a form that lets Haley's teacher and aide know what she has done the night or weekend before.  I explained this paper in the post A little window into her school day.  I got the paper out and she started telling me what to write.  She said "Trains. Dad."  Which meant that she went train watching with Dad on Sunday.  Then she said "Depot." which meant that she and Dad went to Home Depot on Saturday.  She loves going to Home Depot. 

I started to write the movies that she had watched and she pointed to the right section and said "Future. El Dorado."  Which meant that she watched Back to the Future and The Road to El Dorado.  For the record we were on our seventh day of watching Back to The Future.  She usually chooses the third film because it has a train and horses in it, but since it was a three day weekend we had convinced her to watch the first and the second films a couple of times as well.  By Monday Big Sis had to intervene and Haley ended up choosing some new movies.

At this point I said "What did we have for dinner last night?  I cooked it so I should remember it." I often talk to myself.  Haley was standing there though so I guess she assumed I was talking to her.  She said "Chicken."  Oh that's right it was chicken.  Really I don't know what I would have done without her. 

I picked up her lunch and her paper and headed for the closet to get her backpack and she came up behind me with her Friday folder.  This is a folder that the school sends home with her every Friday with all of her papers from the week and any correspondence from the school that they need  us to have.  We are supposed to send the folder back on Monday.  I am here to tell you that that would not have happened today if Haley hadn't brought it to me.

I started to wonder if maybe she should stay home and help me with the rest of my day, but in all honesty I think what I really needed was some quiet time to myself.  After all it was a three day weekend.


  1. Thank you so much for your incredibly hopeful comment on my blog a couple weeks ago ("Thud"). It was nice to hear from a mom who has worn my shoes and has been on this journey longer than I. (On a side note, a lot of my son's negative behaviors have diminished. They're not gone altogether, but I think we will come to a place where the behaviors have ceased altogether eventually - just as you said has been the case for Haley). Thanks for giving me that hope.

    I love your blog! Your Haley is beautiful and she inspires me. I'm adding you to my blog roll so that I can keep reading. I'm hoping that Elijah can be my little helper someday too! :)

  2. Thank you Lisa. I would have loved to have some blogs to read when all of this was so new. I am still looking for others that understand, but I am happy to be helpful as an "experienced" Mom.



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