Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Haircut

Haley was awesome at her haircut appointment.  She sat perfectly still.  She was mesmerized by the process.  The stylist used a razor to cut it this time and I know how interesting that feels.  I was impressed.  I tried to take before pictures, but she wasn't cooperating and it really didn't show her hair very well.  She was a little more interested in posing afterwards.

This is the typical pose these days.

I asked her to turn so I could get a shot of the back.  The stylist cut a lot.  There were curls all over the floor.  Don't worry it will grow back.  And soon.

When we got home I asked her to pose for me again.  I got the same reaction so I was patient.  You have to be to take pictures of her.  If I ask her to smile she just says "smile" and she doesn't do it.  She is not an easy subject.

I guess I was done at this point.

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