Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Those Curls

Haley's hair is usually the first thing people notice about her.  They always say "Where did she get that curly hair?" and I always say "My Dad had curly hair like hers."  I don't know if my Dad appreciated his curly hair.  When I knew him he didn't have a lot of it, the top of his head was bald.  He kept his hair pretty short and he washed it several times a day to keep it under control.  Haley's hair is just like my Dad's was.  It is not the only thing she has in common with him.

Her hair has always been curly.  We could actually see her hair in the ultrasounds we had when I was pregnant.  The technician pointed out her hair, there was a lot of it and it was already curly.

Haley has perfect hair.  It's curly, but not kinky.  It's soft.  It doesn't take any effort to make it look good.  I spray it with water and comb it and then I fluff it with my fingers and when it drys it turns into the most beautiful mass of curls.  My Mom likes to play with her curls when she fixes her hair, but it really isn't necessary.  My husband just combs it straight back and sometimes uses a brush.  It looks better if he uses a comb, but Haley's hair is very forgiving.  It usually just obliges and turns out great.

I kept Haley's hair very short when she was young because I was afraid that it would get out of control if it got too long.  I love it short, it is easy to care for and so cute.  I decided a couple of years ago to see what would happen if we just let it grow long.  It never really looked any longer than shoulder length even though when it was wet I could stretch it down to her waist.  It was fun and it never got out of control.  I could put it up in pigtails and pony tails and I even french braided it a couple of times.  I always had to do something with the front like a pony on top or a headband.  She didn't have bangs.  Last year I had it all cut off again in an attempt to get her to quit nodding.

Cutting is not as easy as fixing it.  When Haley was little it was not easy to get her hair cut.  Haley will not sit back and let someone wash her hair, ever.  A few hairdressers tried that and it was a disaster.  Finally I just told them to spray her hair with water and go from there.  Now I just give her a bath prior to a hair appointment so that her hair is still wet when we get there.

Once I took her to get her hair cut and she had such a fit, she was screaming and crying.  The hair dresser had only done the right side of her head and then stopped and asked me if she should continue.  Are you kidding me?  Was I supposed to take her home with only one side of her hair cut?

Another hairdresser was so nervous.  I had to hold Haley's head still while she cut her hair, I had both of my hands on the side of her face by her chin.  When she was done I noticed that she had cut her own fingers trying to be so careful not to cut Haley.

I now take Haley to my stylist.  She does a great job.  Haley has grown up a lot, she knows that when she is done she will be pretty, so she does a very good job of sitting still.  She is getting a haircut today.  This is going to be her summer cut.  We are going very short, back to the style she had when she was little.  I am excited about it.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

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