Monday, August 23, 2010

Grandma's House

Haley was excited to go to Grandma's house.  She was ready to go.  She was a bit worried that we weren't be completely truthful with her, however.

She had packed everything that she wanted to take.  She had tried to make sure that Mom and Dad were packed as well.  If something was sitting on the counter she would put it into our suitcase.  She even went in to her sisters room and pointed to her pile of clothes on the floor and said "case."  Big Sis didn't really appreciate the help.

After dinner she started talking about loading the Yukon.  She finally convinced her Dad to start loading and she went out to help him.  I was doing the dishes and he came in and told me that she was sitting in the Yukon.  He had told her several times that we were not leaving until the morning, but she wanted to sit in the Yukon.  When I had finished with the dishes I went out to check on her.  There she was still sitting in her seat.  I had to practically drag her out.

The next day we were up and out the door early.  We had a long drive ahead of us.  Grandma lives in Montana.  We had to explain to Haley that we would go to a hotel and spend the night and then get up and drive again.  She seemed to understand that.

The first day went really well.  She is getting to be a really good traveller.  There was a time when she wasn't. 

She kept us entertained.  About once an hour she would yawn dramatically and say "tired."  We told her to take a nap and she would put her head on her pillow and "snore" and then say "wake up."  She did that the whole way.  I told her that maybe she wasn't tired, maybe she was just sleepy.  Then she added that to her routine; she would yawn really loudly and then say "tired, sleepy."

The second day of travel went about the same as the first except every time we stopped at a rest area she would say "Grandma's house?"  I had to keep reassuring her that we were indeed going to be at Grandma's house by dinner time. 

We stopped at a springs for lunch, we ate in the Yukon and then decided to go for a little walk around the springs.  Haley's Dad said "Haley, let's get out of the Yukon and go for a walk."  Haley said "No" and shook her head.  I don't see the head shake very often. 

He said "Come on, we are just going for a little walk."

"No." Head shake.

I got her to get out of the Yukon and we started walking.  She kept saying "Yukon.  Grandma's house.  Yukon."

I finally told her that we could head back to the Yukon.  She practically took off at a run.  We sat in the Yukon and waited for Big Sis and Dad to come.  She relaxed once we were on the road again and said "Grandma's house, yeah."

It seems that she thought we were fooling with her and that we really weren't going to get to Grandma's house after all.  I don't know why she doubts us.  You'd think we weren't always truthful with her.

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