Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Not Fair

Grandma C is jealous of my husband's Dad, Grandpa C.  Haley gets really excited when he is coming to see her.  My Mom has witnessed the excitement first hand. 

Once she was at our house and had been there a couple of days when Grandma and Grandpa arrived.  Haley ran to the door and gave Grandpa a hug.  You know by now, if you have been reading this blog that Haley's hugs are not consistent, but Grandma did see that hug.

Grandma C knows that Grandpa C has the tractor that Haley likes to ride.  She thinks that the tractor makes the difference.  I don't know if that is true.  It doesn't bother me, I know she loves all of her Grandparents very much.

What Grandpa doesn't have though that my Mom and Don do is a train track right outside his window. 

Haley loves to come to Montana and stay at Grandma and Don's house because of the trains.  We can usually hear the train coming and we all yell, "Haley get to the window, a train is coming!"  Haley yells "WooHoo!" and giggles.  Sometimes several trains go by in one day.  Yesterday the same train went back and forth switching cars.  There was also a crew loading Herzog Cartopper backhoes onto some cars that were hauling new ties.  I think Haley was especially interested in this train because there was a caboose on the end.

Haley and her Dad sat in the back of the Yukon in the garage and watched the action for almost two hours.  It was really hot yesterday.  I think the high was ninety three.  It was a little cooler in the shade, but they were dedicated.  Haley was in heaven.

Haley loves that trains go right by Grandma's house.  It would seem that Grandma and Don have an unfair advantage.  So I really don't think Grandma needs to worry about Grandpa C's tractor.

Haley really liked the fact that the train she had watched all day parked right there and stayed all night long.  Whenever she looked out the window it was still sitting there.  She actually seemed a little concerned that it wasn't leaving.  She waved at it and said "Bye."  and then she would walk by later and it would still be sitting there and she would say "Bye." again.

I didn't appreciate it much however.  The crew walked away from the train around four o'clock in the afternoon and left it running.  It ran for a couple of hours and then shut down.  We had about an hour rest before it started back up again.  That went on all night long.  I ended up wearing earplugs to block some of the sound, but Haley didn't.  I was amazed that she could sleep through it. 

This morning about nine forty five the crew came back and the train finally left.  Haley and I went out the front door and waved goodbye.  Haley said "Bye.  Miss You." 

I didn't.

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