Monday, August 9, 2010

The Other Shoe

Shortly after I posted the last blog post Haley's Big Sis decided to go over to her friends house.  Shortly after that Haley seemed agitated.  She wanted to know where her sister had gone.  I told her and then she got upset.

I asked her if she missed her sister and she said "Yeah."  Then she said "Haley. Day. ent."  She said it a few more times.  I finally clued in.  She was saying "Haley's Birthday Present."  I asked her which present she was referring to.  She repeated herself.  I repeated myself.  Then she said "One. Two. Three." holding up finger for each number. I said "Do you mean all of them?" and she said "Yeah."  I said "Are you missing your birthday presents?" and she said "Yeah." and started crying. 

It was then that I realized what was in those purses.

Haley and I decided to go shopping.

We went to Target and found a new Polly Pocket to replace the seven or eight Polly Pockets that were in those purses, including the one that her Big Sis had given her for her birthday.  We also found a new Lightning McQueen to replace the two that were in those purses.  We looked for a fawn to replace Raina the Schleich fawn that was in those purses, but we didn't find one.

We then went to the Feed Mill where we found another deer (not the same one she is missing) a new draft horse, two baby horses and a cow that has horns like Heather.

I know I can't replace everything that she lost, but I feel better.  She seems to really like her new toys and she isn't crying anymore.

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