Friday, August 20, 2010

That's The Way it Should Work

We are planning another trip, this time to see my Mom.  We didn't hint about it ahead of time, and Haley didn't find out until today.  It works so much better that way.  It didn't stop her from going in to "full scale packing mode" however.

Last night my husband had an atlas and some maps out.  When Haley sees maps she gets suspicious, it usually means someone is going somewhere (usually Dad.)  She seemed interested in the maps so he started telling her about the maps.  They talked about the map that the atlas was open to and who might live in that area.  Grandma C.

Then she came downstairs and found me and said "Grandma C*****".  I assumed at that point that he had told her where we were going so I said "Are we going to see Grandma C?" and she said "Yeah!"

This morning while I was in the shower Haley took all of her clothes out of her drawers and piled them on her bed.  She came and got me and brought me in to see what she had done and said "case" which means "suitcase"  I know that now.  The first time she said that to me several months ago I had no idea what she was telling me because it sounds more like "keys."

So we counted out the right amount of outfits and put the rest back in her drawers.

She packed her horses into a green purse that was in her closet.  She packed all of the videos that she wants to take.  She packed her laptop and her computer games.

Then she started bringing me food.  I thought she wanted a snack at first, but I soon realized that she was packing snacks.  A few minutes ago I walked in to the kitchen to find those first snack items that she had picked out on the island along with a box of cereal, a bottle of barbecue sauce and a carton of coconut milk ice cream.

Right now I can hear her coming down the stairs with her suitcase.  Thud.  Thud.  Thud.

I need to start packing.  If I wait too long Haley will start packing for me and I have no idea what that might entail.

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