Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Wee Hours of the Morning

Haley has not been sleeping well lately.  She has been getting up several times a night.  Usually when she does that she comes in to our room and gets me and I put her back in bed. 

In this last week she has needed her pull-ups changed in the middle of the night several times.  Sometimes instead of getting me up she goes into our office and gets on the laptop. 

Sometimes that wakes me up because she likes to turn the volume up, and I don't think that she has learned that if she keeps the volume down she would get to play longer.

She has also been getting up very early in the morning, before the rest of the family is up.  I don't always know what time she gets up. 

On Friday she got up early and she found my camera.  She documented her morning for me.

From 5:23 AM to 5:45 AM she took 94 pictures.

The first 45 pictures she took were of our cat Shadow at the front door.  She likes to let him out in the morning.  Shadow is not normally patient enough to sit for such a photo shoot, but he really wanted to go outside so he put up with it.  I assumed she let him out after that.

Maybe not.

Then there was a picture of the door of my bedroom, closed.

Then there is a picture of her sister getting ready for school.

And then one of her leaving the house.

Then there is a series of pictures Chelsea, her Schleich horse.  Very close pictures. A couple of pictures of her room, even the carpet.  Then there is a series of pictures of the computer screen, then some more close up shots of her horses.

These are some of my personal favorites.

Then I think her Dad came in to the office and took the camera away from her.

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