Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Little Reminder

Last night my husband and I went to two different meetings aimed at providing help for families of special needs children.  The first one was an information fair where I picked up some fliers for different services in our area.  The second one was an informational meeting about navigating the school system.

I found some interesting things at the fair.  My favorite was a girl that teaches Yoga to special needs kids.  She has a background as a special needs teacher and she also teaches Yoga so she decided to join the two.   I think Haley might really like Yoga, she really likes the weight room at school and she loves music.  I am kind of excited to have her try it.  It will be a while before that will happen though, the girl is about to go on maternity leave.

In the second meeting we learned about the transitions that kids with special needs make during their school careers.  Some of this we already knew, Haley has been "in the system" her whole life.  We have not had any problems with IEP's or her schooling, but apparently that is not always the case.  There were some parents in attendance that have had some major questions about their child's education.  It was interesting to hear about special education schooling in a comprehensive way. 

I like to have little refreshers from time to time.  We tend to get into ruts with Haley.  Everything is going along fine, so we don't really question things.  It is nice to stop and think and plan.

I was moved by a film that a parent showed of her son graduating from high school.  His classmates supported him and clapped and yelled as he walked across the stage and got his diploma.  It brought tears to my eyes.

There is a PTA in our area for special needs children.  I went to the very first meeting a long time ago.  I wasn't too interested in it at the time.  I don't really know why, but I think I was not really prepared for my child to grow up and change.  I still am not, but I am starting to realize that it is going to happen whether I am ready for it or not.

I think I am going to get involved with the PTSA and start to learn more about how Haley will become part of the community.  There is even a meeting  for Dad's and I hope that Haley's Dad will get involved too.

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