Friday, November 5, 2010

Hand Me Down

I have been going through my closet lately.  Actually the truth is this: we got a new TV. 

The new TV needed a new TV stand.  I didn't want to get rid of the piece of beautiful oak furniture that the old TV was on so after many days of thinking about it we moved it upstairs.  We moved the dresser that was upstairs downstairs and I had to find new homes for all of the clothes that were in the dresser.  I made a big pile of clothes that I don't wear anymore, for various reasons. 

As I was putting those clothes in to sacks to donate I was folding a pair of pants and thought that they just might fit Haley.  After all, she wore one of my dresses for Halloween and it didn't need to be hemmed, maybe my pants wouldn't need to be hemmed either.

Haley is getting tall.  She passed up both of her Grandmas at the beginning of the year and we have noticed several times recently that she is taller than her Big Sis.  Her Big Sis thinks it is her curly hair that makes the difference, but I don't think so.  I wouldn't be surprised if she passes me up soon.

So yesterday morning when I was getting her dressed I tried my pants on her.  They fit.  They were just a little baggy, but the elastic is really good.  That is actually why I was willing to give them up.  The elastic was a problem for me, but not for her.  They weren't at all too long.  In fact I am sure she will grow out of them lengthwise long before they will "fit" her.

So now I think that I will go through those sacks and see if there are some other things that I could try on her.

Over the years Haley has worn some of her sister's hand-me-downs but there came a time not to long ago that they were basically the same size.  Then there came a time when her Big Sis's pants were too short and too big around for her at the same time.  She still hands down the occasional shirt, but they have very different styles.

So now she will get hand-me-downs from me.  Weird. 

Haley's Big Sis sometimes borrows my tops and jackets and Haley likes to go through my closet and look at my clothes.  Soon she will start wanting to wear them. 

I guess this is what comes with having teenagers.

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