Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Past Halloweens

I mentioned the other day that Haley doesn't really get in to the whole costume thing.  She loves the candy, don't get me wrong, but she could care less about dressing up.  She will do it, but it's not her favorite activity.

I wanted to go back and look at the costumes she has worn in the past, but I have a problem.  Apparently I have not done a very good job of taking pictures on Halloween.  There are several reasons for this. 

One:  She doesn't like the costume thing so she is usually not the best subject.
Two:  She really doesn't like to pose for pictures anyway.
Three:  She just wants to get out there and get her candy. 
Four:  I'm a flake.

So here are the only pictures I have of Haley in Halloween costumes.

This was Haley's favorite costume.  Ever.  She wore this costume for about three or four Halloweens.  She finally grew out of it and I had to retire it.  She loved this costume because the cute cow on the front would "Moo" if you pushed in his nose.  She couldn't do it, we had to do it for her.  It was not easy to do because you had to press really hard to make it work and we didn't want to press her tummy that hard, so we had to kind of hold the nose away from her tummy and press it.  She thought it was hilarious.  For years the only thing she equated with Halloween was the cow costume.  Back then I don't think she even cared about the candy.

This costume was a no brainer, I'll admit, but it was appropriate.  It was also easy to put in her backpack, this was when she could dress up for Halloween at school.  I know, amazing, right?

I was quite proud of this costume.  It was a combination of two costumes that my husband and I had worn on a cruise to the Caribbean.  I thought she looked great, but she was in a really bad mood.  She did not want me to take her picture and she would not stand up.  She threw herself on the floor and screamed and cried.  Normally I would have given up, but I wanted a picture of her in this costume.  So I have about a dozen pictures of her throwing a fit.  For posterity.

I am not even kidding.

This again was a bit of a cop out on my part, but cute, right?  Maybe it is just because she is so cute, I don't know.  She was in a great mood for this shot too, which helps.  When she actually went out Trick-or-Treating she wore a coat and had a cape over it with spider webs on it.  The wings, hat and cape were from three different costumes her Big Sis had worn over the years.  This was the first year that her Big Sis took her out and I stayed home.  It was very hard for me.  Big Sis said that Haley would not keep the hat on her head, but she said she had fun.

This was also the first time we played with make-up.

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