Wednesday, May 18, 2011

H is for Haley

One of Haley's IEP goals in school has been that she recognize her written name.  At first they wanted her to recognize it in uppercase block letters, then came the lower case letters.  Eventually she learned to write her name as well.

She recognizes her name very well now.

She recognizes the letter "H" very well too.  She recognizes it as her name.

When we get a package from FedEx it usually has an "H" on it.  I assume that it means it is a home delivery as opposed to a business delivery.  I don't really know why.  As far as Haley is concerned it means that the package is for her because it has an "H" on it and "H" stands for Haley.

She recognizes the "H" in other places as well.  She likes the new Holiday Inn logo.  It is just a big "HHoliday Inn" and to her it means Haley.

Today is my birthday.  My husband left a card on the kitchen table for me to find.  I opened it and Haley came over to look at it with me.  She pointed at a word on the card that started with an "H."  

"Haley," she said.  

"Actually it says 'Happy Birthday,'" I said.

I explained to her that there are other words in the English language that start with an "H" besides Haley.  I told her that happy was one of them.  

"Happy Haley." I said.

She marched around the house saying "Happy Haley, Happy Haley" for a few minutes.

Later when her Dad came downstairs we were standing in the kitchen talking and she brought the card over to show us.  I was excited, I thought that she would show off her new word to her Dad.  She pointed to the word Happy and said "Haley."

Her Dad said, "She thinks any word that starts with an H is Haley."

"Yes, I know..."

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