Thursday, June 2, 2011

Excuse Me

One of the many things that parents want to teach our children is to be polite. We want to teach them to say things like "Please" and "Thank You."

I have to remind Haley to say "please" all of the time. Unless she really wants something and she is not getting it. She will yell "PLEASE!"

Not really what I am after.

She uses "Thank You" quite well.  Especially if she has just received something that she really wants.  Like the other day she found her sisters secret stash of cookies.  She asked me if she could have one and before I could answer her, her Big Sis noticed and told her she could.  She immediately said "Thank you."  It was nice.

Well, the other polite comment that I have been trying to teach Haley is to say "Excuse Me" after she makes an unexpected personal noise.  I think she got that one, but there is one tiny problem. 

It is not always "unexpected."

Haley likes to make rude noises.  She is really good at it.  She does the classic:  put your hand on your face and blow a big raspberry until you giggle.  She also makes sounds in the back of her throat. 

And then she says "Excuse me."

It was pretty cute, the first time.

So as we are driving home this weekend we hear a small sound come from the back of the Yukon and then we hear "excuse me." 

I smile. 

She has learned something.  That's nice.  I know sometimes people will say "You're excused."  I don't do that because I think it would confuse her.  So I don't say anything.

And then I hear *a somewhat rude noise.*

"Excuse me."

*An even louder rude noise.*

"Excuse me."

*An obnoxiously loud rude noise that lasts about a minute.* 

"Excuse me."

*A noise that is almost unbearably loud and would be increasingly disgusting if  you weren't aware that a cute little girl was making it on purpose with her hand over her mouth.*

Followed by raucous giggling.

"Excuse me."

At this point everyone in the Yukon is laughing so hard I think we might have to pull over and compose ourselves.

As she starts again I say (in all seriousness)  "Haley, that is enough.  All done."

"All done." followed by quieter giggling.

"Excuse me."

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