Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Haley

Haley has never been very comfortable with writing or drawing.  She doesn't hold a pen, pencil or crayon the way most of us do.

Over the years if teacher's want her to draw or write they have to resort to "hand over hand" which means that they are basically doing the work for her.  They are making her go through the motions.  We have tried coloring books, but she has very little interest in it.

Sometimes drawings come home from school in her back pack and I can tell what on the drawing Haley did and what was basically her helper's work.

There have been occasions when Haley will find a stray piece of paper and something to write with laying around and she will experiment.  Usually this has happened to a drawing that her Big Sis was working on and had left laying out with all of her colored pencils sitting there just begging to be used.

Sometimes it happens that I might leave a pad of post-it notes and a black Sharpie sitting on my desk.

Haley brought me this. 

It's a face! 

This is the first time that I have ever seen her draw a face.  I am so in love with this picture!  I told her it was wonderful and immediately hung it on the refrigerator.

Her Dad came in to the kitchen and walked by the refrigerator and saw it.  He turned to me with the same look of shock on his face that I must of had when I saw it. 

"It's a face!" he exclaimed.  

"I know, how cool is that?" I said.

He said "Haley, who is that?"


Well, of course it is.  Look at the hair!

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