Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Wish Granted

Bra buying sucks. You try on so many just to find one that makes you look normal. One that covers. Lifts. Separates. I have spent hours in dressing rooms searching for myself.

Then I have a daughter like Haley.

Imagine you are young. You don't need padding. You don't need push up. You don't need plunge. You just need something that keeps you under control.

You DO NOT need to be sexy!

Imagine that you really can't stand scratchy fabric. You really can't stand labels, never mind wires.

And you have no way of communicating to your mother whether something feels right or not.

Haley has been wearing a sports bra for the last couple of years. I chose the sports bra because it was easier to put on her than something with a clasp in the back. She would never be able clasp or unclasp a regular bra. Also most of the bras that I tried on her just didn't cut it as far as support.

I have worn a sports bra. They are not exactly comfortable. It would be nice if she could put it on and take it off herself, but sports bras are very unforgiving, they are tight.

One of the nights that I was travelling to Montana to visit my sister and her new baby I was watching television and I saw an infomercial for the Genie Bra.

I did something that I don't normally do.

I bought one right then and there.

I don't know if you have seen it or not, but it was an answer to my prayers.

According to the ad this what the Genie Bra offers:
  • Woven everlast comfort stretch fabric.
  • Magic pouch to slip in support pads for extra lift and coverage.
  • Form-fitting seamless construction.
  • No wires or hooks.
  • Wide comfort lift band.
  • Machine washable.
What all women wish for.

Well, maybe not all women, but Haley and I did.

Apparently they are very popular because after waiting for months my order has finally arrived.

The Genie Bra is all it claims to be. At least for Haley. It is soft and smooth. It fits her great. It is easier to get over her head than the sports bra is and I bet that she will be able to take it off by herself, if not put it on as well.

So if you know someone, like Haley, that needs a bra that does what it should and doesn't do what it shouldn't send them this way.

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