Friday, June 17, 2011

See It

Haley's favorite engine will be heading out on the rails once again.  Haley is excited.  Her Dad told her that he will take her to "chase" it. 

Haley says she is going to "See It!"

It is really all she talks about these days.  Her Dad told her about it around two weeks ago.  It has been the topic of discussion constantly since then.

As always happens when Haley is anticipating something she will bring it up and then expect me to validate her.  If she doesn't get the response she wants she will get louder.  Invariably when she gets louder she also starts to sound angry. 

As a side note; as I typed that I realized that I do the same thing, I don't mean to, but people are always saying that about me.  That makes me pause a moment...

Anyway, as a self-defense mechanism I just say "Woo! Hoo!"  She repeats "Woo! Hoo!" and we move on.

So for example a typical discussion sounds like this:

Haley says, "Daylight.  See it."

"Yes, you are going to see it."



"See it."

"Yep, you are going to see it."




"Woo! Hoo!"

"Woo! Hoo!"

This morning Haley and I were having a running discussion about "seeing" the Daylight as we were getting her ready for school.  My husband was in his office working and he came in to Haley's bedroom and said "What are you woohooing about?"  Haley kind of back pointed to her calendar. 

She always points at the calendar in her room and talks about the next exciting thing that is happening, even though right now the month that is displayed is March and the calendar is actually from 2008.

He didn't see the gesture.  He asked her again.  She just looked at me.  I said "Haley, I know what you were woohooing about, but Dad doesn't.  Can you tell him?" 

She looked up at her Dad and said "Daylight." 

Maybe you had to be there, but her Dad and I just looked at each other and smiled. 

"That was a perfect answer." he said.

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