Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She Saw It

...and heard it and smelled it and felt it.

Haley and her Dad followed the 4449 Daylight yesterday.  She didn't go to school.  It was a special day.

Haley and I talked about it for several weeks before hand and she was ready for all of her senses to be affected.  I told her that the only thing she wouldn't do it is touch it.

Haley came home really excited.  She told me all about Daylight.  She told me that she smelled the steam and the smoke.  She counted on her fingers how many cars there were, the number kept changing so I don't really know how many there were.  Her Dad told me that she waved at the engine and the passenger cars.  She said it was cool and that she had fun.  She said it was "fun day."

She was a bit upset that they didn't go to the Depot.  My husband had planned to hang out on a bridge and take some pictures.  I told her many times to talk to him about the plans and I know he told her, but she still seemed disappointed.

I tried to get out my camera and film her talking about the trip, but as soon as I turned it on she clammed up.

I think it all wore her out though because she was in a bit of a bad mood the rest of the day.

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