Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Like It

I can usually tell how Haley feels about something.  I can tell if she is happy, or sad, or angry.  I can tell if she is having fun.

I know what she likes.

I know these things by how she acts and what she does.  She doesn't tell me with words.  I gauge her reactions.

Lately though she has added a new phrase to her repertoire. 

She says "I like it."

It is so fun to hear her say that.

It started with The Sweater that she got from her Grandma J.  She rubbed the arm of the sweater and said "So soft."  She sniffed it and said "Smells good."  Then she said "I like it."

Now she has started to use the phrase for other things, like videos, her horses and peanut butter on crackers.

It says to me that she is learning.  She is putting her world in context.  She has an opinion.

I like it.

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