Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green and White

Haley is excited about the Christmas decorations.  She knows Christmas is coming.  She also knows that means presents.

She walked in to the living room Monday night and pointed to the Countdown Santa Claus that I have sitting on a high shelf and said "Presents!"

I said "That says there are 28 days until Christmas."


"28 days until presents."

"Yay! Woo! Hoo!"

"Are you excited about getting presents?"


"What would you like for a present?"



"You want one of your presents to be green?"


"OK, I can do that.  One of your presents will be green.  What kind of present do you want?"


"OK, so you want to have a green present and a white present."


Fast forward to this morning...

She comes down the stairs and sits on the couch and points up to the Countdown Santa and says "Green and White."


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