Monday, May 10, 2010

Haley's Hugs

Grandma C left this morning after staying with us for a week.  We had a lot of fun together while she was here.  It is always nice when she can stay that long because it gives Haley enough time to get comfortable with her.

It is not just Grandma C that Haley needs time to get comfortable with.  Haley doesn't make quick transitions.  Whenever we do something new it takes Haley a while to get into it.  She needs time to process things I think.  This is getting better as she gets older, but it is still a reality for us.

The first night when Grandma got here Haley was excited.  She was visibly more animated than usual.  She doesn't run into Grandma's arms like other kids do when someone comes to visit, she acts very shy.  She smiles a lot and she gets giggly.  She did not go right to sleep that night.  She kept coming downstairs after I put her in bed.  She came down and stood there grinning at us, it is not easy to be stern with her when she does this, she is so darned cute.

The next day she wakes up early and goes to check that Grandma is still here.  She is still very excited, but she still does not seem comfortable with her.  It takes her several days.  By Wednesday I think she actually answered her when Grandma said "Good Morning, Haley.  How are you today?"  Mom thought it was nice when Haley put in a video and sat on the couch to watch it.  Grandma C asked "What are you going to watch Haley?"  Haley held up the little plastic pig she was gripping.  Mom guessed that it was either Charlotte's Web or Babe.  It was Babe.

As Mom was leaving this morning I gave her a hug.  Haley was sitting on the couch watching her show.  I asked her to stand up and give Grandma a hug. 

Hugs are rare commodities with Haley.  I mentioned in another post that I sometimes get one in the morning, that is a fairly new development.  Usually when Haley gives hugs she kind of sidles up to a person.  You might get a sideways hug (which is more like a run by) or a back hug (which is when she spins and backs up to you allowing you to squeeze her shoulders before she bolts.)  Recently Big Sis discovered that if you ask for a hug with your arms up like your signalling a touchdown she will also raise her arms and when they come down on your shoulders that is about as close as you will ever come to getting a real hug.  I think I might be getting morning hugs because she is still a little groggy.

My Mom is somewhat jealous of my Husband's father - Grandpa C.  Once we had a visit from Grandma C and Grandma & Grandpa at the same time.  Grandma C was already here when G & G arrived.  Haley had already had some time to get used to my Mom so when the doorbell rang and I opened it to reveal G & G she had gotten over the initial shy period.  She ran to Grandpa and gave him the closest thing we have ever seen to a spontaneous hug.  My Mom is a good sport though, she just laughs it off and says that the only reason Grandpa ranks higher is because he has a John Deere tractor.  I think she is right to a certain extent, but she does have an advantage too, Haley can watch trains from her house.

This morning I raised my arms in our "touchdown" way and Haley did too.  She gave Grandma C a pretty good hug, partly because they are exactly the same height now.  I think Grandma C was happy with it.  It was more than she got from Big Sis who was running out the door at the last minute to catch her bus.

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