Friday, May 28, 2010

Haley's iPod

Haley loves music.  She likes to listen to music and she likes to sing along.  Haley's favorite songs are from her favorite shows.  She has CD's of the soundtracks for The Road to El Dorado and Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron as well as three Disney CD's that are compilations of songs from Disney shows way back to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and all the way up to The Lion King.

I think Haley likes these songs for two reasons.  First they are great songs and second they remind her of her favorite shows.  The soundtracks contain songs that happen underneath the action in her movies not just the songs that the characters sing.  She gets excited when those songs come on because she is remembering the action.

Haley likes to listen to her CD's in the car when we go on long trips. We live quite a ways away from both sides of our family so when we visit them we can have anywhere from a three hour trip to a trip that lasts two days.  My husband and I have also been able to slip in a couple of Elton John CD's on those long trips so we don't go crazy.  She is used to his voice.

We had a stereo system in the house and I was listening to a CD once when Haley got home from school.  She put two and two together and brought me her CD to listen to in the house.  She loved it.  She also had a CD of the sounds of they Daylight which I think she and her dad listened to really loud when I wasn't home.

I was turned on to the concept of the iPod a couple of years ago and I really love it.  I have two myself, one for walking and one that I can put on portable speakers.  We remodeled the first floor last year and I decided that we didn't need that great big stereo system because I could just listen to my iPod on the speakers, but that left Haley out.

So for Haley's birthday last year I decided that it would be fun for her to have her music on an iPod.  I thought it would be a way for her to have her music with her whenever she wanted instead of just when we were on long trips.  I got a shuffle for her and a little speaker that attaches to it because I didn't want to get her ear buds. 

She was so amazed when she opened that present. She didn't understand what I had given her until I turned it on.

We are still working on not holding up to her ear.  I keep it pretty quiet, but this was her first reaction.

Look at that face, she was ecstatic.

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