Thursday, May 13, 2010

A horse of a

Yesterday I walked in to the kitchen and there were some horses on our bar table.  A little later on I came back in to the kitchen and there were more horses on our bar table.  I asked Haley if they were having a party.  I still don't really know why they kept showing up, but it gave me an idea.

One of Haley's favorite things to look at on YouTube is the Schleich horse montages.  It is amazing to me what you can find on YouTube.  I haven't really done a lot of searching, but my daughter can find the most interesting things.  Kids, young girls mostly, like to put videos on YouTube of their Schleich animals set to music.  Sometimes they are in natural settings.  Sometimes they are just sitting on the shelves in their rooms.  Usually they are identified by the names the girls have given them.  Haley loves to see the horses that she owns on the screen, she calls them by the names we have given them.

Haley doesn't really name animals or dolls, for that matter.  I usually name them.  This came from necessity.  If she gets a new horse and we don't name it for her it will be named Horse, which would be fine, except sometimes she is looking frantically around the house for one of her horses and if it didn't have a name we would be in trouble.  Haley often sleeps with her horses and if she needs a certain horse to fall asleep it is really helpful to know which one she is in need of.  Ten horses all named Horse would be a problem.

The first Schleich horse Haley got was a gift from our neighbor.  Haley used to ride horses as part of her physical therapy and our neighbor brought her daughter to ride with us.  Haley's favorite horse at the riding center was called Chelsea.  The Schleich horse looked just like her, so she came with the name.  Over the years Haley has carried that horse so much that the coloring has completely worn off in places.  She is lame, but we haven't had the heart to put her down.  She fell from a considerable height one day, the second floor of our home.  Many of Haley's horses are missing ears and the very ends of their tales, but Haley loves them anyway.

Seeing all of her horses lined up like that I couldn't help getting out the camera and asking Haley to tell me their names.  When I type what Haley says I hear it in my head exactly how she says it, but you my dear reader are probably hearing your own voice in your head.  Now you can hear Haley's voice.  Enjoy.

After we made this video Haley went up to her room and brought down a few more horses.  She insisted that we name them as well.

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