Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An echo and then some

Haley is a mimic, which is generally a good thing.  I think it helps her to learn when she repeats what she hears.  The thing is, she doesn't only repeat words.  I was hoping it was a phase she was going through, and maybe it is, but it happens daily.

Haley is amused by bodily sounds, like most kids her age.  She repeats those sounds when she hears them.  Burps, sneezes, hiccoughs, coughs and others (use your imagination.)  She repeats them and repeats them.  Often I am surprised by a sound and I excuse myself, but it is already too late.

It's pretty funny how accurately she can make these sounds.  There are times, when someone in the family has a cold, that I worry that she has come down with it as well.  The sounds start out as almost exact replicas, but then she gets into it and adds her own embellishments.  It can go on for a while. 

The funny thing is that I am still not used to it, and it has been happening for several years.  I am always amazed at how much amusement she gets out of it and how long she can drag it out.

Sometimes one of us will be downstairs and sneeze and a few seconds later we hear a sneeze coming from upstairs.  It is like an echo.  Echos only happen once however.  The sneezing from upstairs will last for an hour.

It starts out really funny if we are in the car and going on a road trip, but as you can imagine it doesn't take long for us to tire of it.  Then it becomes somewhat of an exercise in futility.  She makes her noises and we laugh, and then she does it some more and pretty soon we are asking her to stop, it doesn't work.  We are talking about a kid who can watch Back to the Future 3 up to five times a day for two and half weeks straight.  She doesn't really get tired of it.

I hope she does someday though and I hope it is soon.

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