Thursday, July 1, 2010

Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster

It has been a crazy ride the last couple of days.  I think it might be the change in routine.  School was out last Tuesday and then we had a couple of nice sunny days that actually felt like summer, then she got to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Since we have been back it has been nice, but not really nice enough to swim.  She really wants to swim (and by that I mean splash in our kiddie pool.)

On Tuesday Haley had a meltdown.  I don't even remember what started it.  Her Big Sis had a girlfriend over for a sleepover on Monday night and although they were very quiet it always kind of messes Haley up when her sister has friends over.  I think that anything that is out of her normal routine is hard for Haley, which is why summer can be difficult in general. 

We had plans to visit a friend and I wanted Haley to eat her lunch so that we could go, but Haley didn't want to eat her lunch.  First of all I chose the wrong lunch and she threw herself onto the floor.  This reaction was bad enough when she was little, but now that she is 5'-3" it is awful, I am really worried that she will damage her knees.  Anyway, I made her something else for lunch and she wouldn't eat that either.  She threw herself on the floor again and started crying.  I didn't want to bribe her, but I was running out of options.  I had told her that we wanted to go soon so she needed to eat her lunch, but that didn't phase her.  So I brought out the big guns and told her where we were going.

What happened next was not a surprise to me.  It has happened before.  Mind you I was shocked the first time it happened, but after many times it is something I have come to expect. 

Haley was crying, seemingly inconsolable.  I had tried many things to calm her down to no avail, but when I told her where we were going she took a quick breath and said "Happy."  And then she giggled and she was ready to go.  She didn't eat anymore after that, which was my original goal.  She wanted to put her shoes on and get in the car.  We were going to visit one of her favorite people in the whole world, her "Fairy Godmother."

Haley and her Big Sis used to go to an in home daycare.  They really loved their daycare provider.  They missed her when I retired.  When the girls were baptized we asked her and her husband to be their Godparents.  Haley's Big Sis called her their Fairy Godmother.  We don't get to see her on a regular basis anymore, but when we do it is a big deal.  Of course while we were there Haley was an angel.

Yesterday I had to go to Costco and Fred Meyer.  Haley's Big Sis went to hang out with friends so Haley went with me.  She is really pretty good at the store in general, she does ask for things that she sees though just like other kids.  I let her have some things and I tell her no for others.  At Costco she saw a swimming suit that she liked.  I wasn't sure about the size, but I thought I could return it if it didn't fit. 

I didn't think about how Haley might feel about that.  As far as Haley was concerned if she was bringing it home it was hers.  When we got it home it just barely fit her.  I would have liked a little more growing room, but Haley didn't care.  I still needed to go to Fred Meyer so I told her if we found one there we would take this one back. 

Haley loves to shop.  As far as she is concerned if she likes something it should be hers, no matter if it fits or not.  Well, we tried on a couple of suits and they didn't fit her properly so we got a few groceries and went home.  Haley was already in a bad mood because we weren't bringing anything home for her.  Then we got home and she wanted to put on the swimming suit she did get.   To make a long story short, after many tears I gave in.  She put on the suit and I cut of the tags.  She didn't get to swim however, it just wasn't warm enough.  She wasn't happy about that either, but she did wear the suit for the rest of the day.

So I didn't blog yesterday.  I didn't have the energy and wasn't feeling it.  Maybe today will be better.

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