Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dad. Haley. 844.

Last night my husband surprised Haley and took her to see a visiting steam engine, the Union Pacific 844. 

He didn't tell her what they were doing.  She usually likes to "go" it doesn't really matter where.  When they got to where the steam engine was parked they could just see the top of it.  He asked her what she saw and she said "844."

They got to go right up to it.  It is in town this week as part of the "Portland Rose" tour.  The engine was parked next to a parking lot and they even had the gift shop open.

When she got home she came running in to the living room to find me.  She said "844!"  She showed me the paper that she got with information about the engine and the business card she got with the Union Pacific logo on it.  She was so excited, her cheeks were bright red.

She could not calm down.  Her Dad showed us these pictures on this camera and then when upstairs to upload all of the pictures that he had taken.  Haley would go upstairs and see what he was doing and then come back down and tell me more about her adventure.  This went on all night long, up and down and back up again.

This morning she woke up and immediately got her paper and started telling me all over again.

"Dad. Haley. 844.  Steam.  Smoke.  Hot.  Smells good.  Big.  Big wheels."

She wanted to put her paper in her backpack.  I told her that she could share it with her friends at school.  She focused on the word "share." 

She used to get to take something to school every Friday that she could share.  They had sharing time where each kid was the center of attention.  They could bring out whatever they had brought and talk about it, then the other kids would raise their hands and ask questions or make a comment.  Haley loved sharing time.  She was ready every Friday with something to share.  That was in grade school.  She hasn't had sharing time in middle school .  I told her that she could share the paper with her one-on-one helper and with Miss D, but that she wouldn't have a real sharing time.

I don't know if she understood me and I don't know what will happen when she gets to school, but I hope she gets to share that paper with someone or I think she just might burst!

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  1. What a perfect outing with her dad. So sweet!



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