Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daylight DVD

Haley finally earned enough Daylight Dollars to get her Daylight DVD.  The last five dollars were a long time coming.  She just didn't seem convinced that she needed to do the work to earn them.  After much coaxing she did.

She had to wait a few days for the DVD to arrive.  I was surprised that she didn't drive me crazy about it.  She knew she had earned enough and she knew she had to wait.  She was very patient.

The DVD arrived yesterday, but we didn't get the mail until today.

She brought me the package and we opened it together.  She was very excited to finally have it.  Her Big Sis was watching a program on TV so I told her to go upstairs and ask her Dad to put it on the laptop.

I was distracted and had kind of forgotten about her.  Pretty soon I heard constant chatter coming from upstairs.  "Daylight. DVD. Loud. Hot." and a lot of grunting (I don't know what else to call it) she is talking, I am sure, but it is not words that we can understand.  She is very excited.  I even hear a "whistle blowing" from time to time.

I imagine that this will be the DVD of choice for quite a while.

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