Friday, September 3, 2010

A New Teacher

Haley met her new teacher last night.  The school had an ice cream social last night and when we got there Haley beelined for her class.  She was the first student to arrive.  She saw her name tag on the table and pointed to it.  Her new teacher, Miss D, came out and told her that she could choose a hook for her coat.  Her name tag had Velcro on the back of it, so she put it above the hook that she wanted.  Then we went into the classroom.

Everything was different.  Miss D asked her what she thought of the classroom.  Haley really scoped it out, she walked all the way around looking at everything.  The teacher asked her if she thought anything was missing or if she would change anything.  Haley didn't answer.  I was kind of expecting her to say that there were things missing, but when Haley is at school she is quiet.

Haley found her name tag inside the classroom and was able to pick her own desk too.  We kind of let her take her time and really check things out as some of her other classmates came in and talked to the teacher.  She recognized her classmates and when we asked her to say "Hi" to them or if one of them said "Hi" to her she would wave.  She was still very quiet.

We tried to explain to the teacher that she was not so quiet at home, but she probably will never hear the kinds of things she says at home.  I don't really know why that is, but I do think she is shy.  She also has a tendency to act a certain way in similar situations.

We found out that all of the aides she had last year will still be in the classroom so Miss D is the only new person Haley will need to get to know.  I hope that makes the transition easier.  Haley loves school and I know she will have a great year.

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