Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Nice Surprise

We had visitors on Sunday.  Haley's Grandpa and Grandma and her cousin were traveling for the last week and they stopped by our house on their way home.

It was nice that we had seen them not too long ago, Haley was not shy like she usually is.  She gave everyone hugs when they got here and then went up to her room to bring down her paper about the 844 and her toys one by one.

Haley slept in our room in a sleeping bag so that Grandma's cousin could sleep in her bed.  She didn't seem to mind climbing in the sleeping bag, I think she thought it was fun.  I started our little routine of saying "I. Love. You. See. You. Tomorrow."  Haley said something, but it wasn't tomorrow.  I said it again and she said the same thing.  I couldn't figure out what she was doing.  I said it a third time and then I understood her.  She said "Chelsea."  She needed her horse.  I ran and got her horse and she said "Thank you."

She did get up a couple of times in the night.  I don't know if she was too warm in the sleeping bag or she was just confused when she wok up, but I just kept putting her back in the sleeping bag. 

The school was scheduled to start two hours early so we had some time to continue our visit before everyone had to go.

It was nice to have Grandma and Grandpa visit, I hope that we can see them again soon.

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