Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Did She Get That?

Apparently Haley's stubborn side is showing at school.  I think it is kind of early in the year for that.

I suggested to her new teacher that she use the same form that Haley has used for the last two years.  I explained the form on this post. Those forms let the school know what she does at home and they let me know what is going on at school.  Without them all I would know is that school is fun.

The paper that she brought home tonight said that she was working on a worksheet that called for using a red crayon, but that she refused.  She wanted to use a green crayon.  She did not want to use red.  They were able to finally get her to use red, but I can imagine that they really had to work with her.  I know she can be very stubborn.

I wonder where she got that.

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