Friday, February 11, 2011

First Confirmation Class

I am taking Haley to Confirmation classes at my church.

Our Pastor is happy to have her.  His former church had a very active special needs community and he has been very supportive of those with special needs.

The kids in her class are great.  There are about six or seven of them and they have seen Haley in the church and at different events throughout her life.

They had an ice-breaker that involved Skittles.  Skittles are some of Haley's favorite candies, so she was happy.

She is very shy so she doesn't talk, but it is my hope that she is listening.

The pastor handed out papers that the kids were supposed to fill out as he talked.  I wrote the words for Haley and she traced the letters.

She took a small wooden cross from the a box on the office desk on our way out.

Afterward I asked her if she liked the class at church.  She said "Yeah." 

"Do you want to go back next week?"


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  1. I'm really glad it went well! You're a great mom.



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