Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Those Tubbies

I have a love/hate relationship with the Teletubbies. 

Haley just loves them.

First of all, what is up with the way they talk.  They are not really speaking English, they are not really speaking baby-talk, it is weird alien language that drives me crazy.  This show is intended for toddlers, I believe.  Kids mimic television we want our children to sound like

I like that there is a narrator.  I like that the narrator corrects them. 

I would like that job.

I like it when they dance.  When they fall down and their bottoms make funny sounds when they hit the floor.  When they slide up a slide.  When they are completely silly and get the giggles.  That is all fun.

There is a portion of the show dedicated to "the real world" of children.  The Tubbies tummies are televisions, and occasionally they receive feed from small children splashing in the pool, reading books or riding their trikes.  Believe it or not these real children are sometimes sillier than the Tubbies.

Haley loves it all.

And she does mimic them.  She even sort of mimics them correctly. 

It is a little disturbing.

Haley's favorite thing about the Teletubbies is the Noo-noo.  It is their vacuum cleaner.  The vacuum cleaner is efficient and sometimes vacuums up things that it shouldn't.  Haley gets a kick out of that.

Haley gets in a Teletubbies mood.  She watches it over and over again (like everything she likes.)  I, of course, have the shows memorized.  They are short and we only have two of them.  Haley also knows how to find them on YouTube, so there is that.

I find if I let go of my reservations and my inhibitions and just go with it, it is more fun for both of us.  So quite often you can find Haley and I dancing around the house while the Tubbies are dancing on the screen.

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  1. Thinking of you two dancing around to the teletubbies makes me happy. :)



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