Monday, April 18, 2011

Amy. Nola. Kisses.

My sister had her baby.  Her name is Nola. 

I am on my way to meet her.

I didn't tell Haley I was leaving.  I packed quietly.  I don't know if she really noticed. 

I did ask her to draw on a piece of fabric that my Mom will be making into a quilt for Nola.  She enjoyed the project and she wanted her square hung on the refrigerator. 

I had taken it down to pack it last night and this morning she wanted to know why.  I explained to her that I was taking it to Grandma so that she could make the quilt.

My husband may have told her where I was going.

This morning as I was putting a few things together Haley came up to me and started talking.  I didn't really focus on what she was saying at first, it took me a moment to realize what she said.

She said, "Amy.  Nola.  Kisses."

I told her that I would give Amy and Nola kisses for her.  She smiled, turned and walked away.

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