Monday, April 25, 2011

Cats, Cows, and Dogs

The last two weeks while Haley's Mom is off enjoying time with our new niece I've taken Haley to yoga. The first week I carefully sat on the chair and watched. Haley's instructor finally encouraged me into getting on the mat and sharing yoga with Haley.

I've never done yoga before. Would I be able to control my body the way the instructor and Haley do? I was apprehensive at first.

On the floor I went about moving my body into positions and shapes I'd never tried before. I was of course a bit awkward at it but I had fun and by the end of the first session I had become a pro. I could do Cat, Cow, and Dog as good as Haley!

This week I walked in and asked if I could join in from the start. The instructor said sure and we got started. She'd coach Haley and I into the various poses through warm up, and into stretching.

Then it started.

The instructor decided I could do more advanced stuff. She'd coach Haley then she'd say "Dad, do what Haley is doing and add X" Usually X was lifting a leg, or not supporting my weight with my arms. What had started out as innocent fun with Haley was turning into work.

Yoga felt good. Even with the extras.

At the end of the session the instructor let Haley take the papers we were using as our list of poses home. Haley was pretty excited. She ran into the house with the papers not stopping to remove her shoes. She HAD to show her Big Sis what she does at yoga. She went into her undecipherable jabber pointing at each page with great excitement. Big Sis understood just what Haley was saying.

Yoga is fun. I can't wait for next week.

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