Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Weekend of Memories

This Memorial Day weekend we went to my hometown. It was a chance for Haley and her Dad and Big Sis and the rest of my family to meet my sister's new baby.

We picked Haley up from school a little early because we had a long drive ahead of us. Haley and her class had spent the day at the bowling alley and we picked her up shortly after they arrived back at school.

Haley enjoyed the drive. She saw lots of trains along the way. She also saw horses, cows, sheep and goats out the window of the Yukon. We got in late and went right to our hotel, the one that starts with an H.

The next day we went to my Aunt and Uncle's for breakfast. There were lots of people there already eating when we arrived. Haley made herself comfortable at a card table with her second cousins and I got her some food. They started talking to her right away, she didn't get a chance to be shy.

My sister noticed that there were horses in the field behind the house so we had to go out and see them. Haley enjoyed watching them and got to feed one of them.

Another branch of our family were spending the weekend at their cabin so we got into the Yukon and drove for a couple of hours to see them. We spent some time visiting and then had lunch with them. Haley sat on the porch and watched the bigger kids playing horseshoes. She wanted to join them, but I asked her to stay on the porch and she did.

She sat at a table and set her horses up and then proceeded to knock on the window and see who would answer her. She really enjoyed that game.

We got to ride four-wheelers after lunch. I thought Haley would like it because she likes Grandpa's tractor so much. She got to ride on the lead four-wheeler, behind my Cousin. The four-wheelers went much faster than Grandpa's tractor and the terrain was much bumpier. We went through a few patches of snow and some of us got stuck. It was quite an adventure. We stopped at a wide spot and asked Haley if she was having fun. She said she was, but when we asked her if she wanted to keep going she shook her head "No."

When we got back to the cabin and her Dad asked her about the ride, she said "Fun!"

On Sunday morning we went swimming at the hotel pool. I enjoyed holding the baby and watching everyone else swim. Afterward we went back to my Aunt and Uncle's for lunch. There were many more people there on Sunday then there were on Saturday. Haley found a place to sit and hold her purse and take it all in.

Whenever my husband or I or her Big Sis held the baby Haley was right there. She was reluctant to touch her at first, but she did gently touch her head a couple of times. She was very interested in her.

Haley wanted to go out and see the horses again, we went out and there were five calves in the field. Soon there were two horses and two riders. Haley got to watch some calf roping. She really enjoyed it, she clapped every time whether the calf was roped or not.

After some of my family left, Haley's Second Cousins invited her to play with them. They played side by side for a while and then they started playing with a Nintendo DS. Haley seemed to get along with them really well.

It was really nice to get everyone together. I hope we can do it again, soon.

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