Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Haley's Birthday

Haley had a great birthday, she got to see the Daylight twice.  We told her that was her present.  She didn't seem to think that was a problem, she loves the Daylight.

As the day wore on though I got the feeling that she was missing something.  She wandered around the house like she was looking for something.

Her sister and I went shopping for her birthday while she and her Dad were out watching the steam engine the first time.  We wrapped them and got everything ready.  The next time they went out I put everything out.  This is what she came home to.

She said "Wow" when she walked in the door.

She got mostly clothes this year.  She gets a calalog from a store called Justice.  She is almost too big for their clothes.  She likes to look at the catalog and point at her favorite clothes.  Her sister had been paying attention to the clothes that she liked the most.  We got those.  I also got her a new train shirt depicting another favorite steam enging the UP 844.

We couldn't resist one other thing.

And then there were the cupcakes of course.

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