Monday, July 11, 2011

The Hand Phone

My entire family is gathering for what is becoming our annual summer get together.  This year my Mom is "hosting" and we are all meeting up in Montana.

Haley found out that we were going to visit Grandma.  I don't remember if I told her or if her Dad did.  All I know is that she has been very excited to go.  She keeps talking about going to Grandma's house.  I have explained to her that we are actually going to be staying in a different house.  We are renting a cabin in Montana.  It will be within driving distance of Mom's house, but we are not staying there.  I don't think she gets it.

She likes to go to Grandma's house in Montana for several reasons.  Of course she loves to see her Grandma and she likes to see the trains that go by Grandma's house, but she also likes to see Grandma's cat Scooter.

She has been talking about Scooter.

She says "Grandma's house.  Scooter.  Awwww.  Cute"

The other day I heard her talking and walking through the house.  She came up behind me and offered me her Handphone.

Haley's Handphone is like her cell phone.  Haley does not have a cell phone.  She doesn't really talk on the phone at all.  She loves to listen to her Grandma and Grandpa when they talk to her Dad. She rarely joins the conversation, she just listens and giggles.

When she was small she used to hold her hand up to her face (not all the way to her ear) and talk.  She would talk to her "Fairy Godmother" and her cat and dog, to her Grandparents and sometimes to her Dad when he was out of town.  I loved the conversations she would have.  She would nod and laugh and say things like "Uh. Huh.  Right.  Good.  O.K.  Bye."

I haven't seen her use her Handphone much lately so I was a little surprised that she was holding her hand out to me and expecting me to talk.

I said "Who is it?


I took the Handphone and held it up to my ear.

"Hi Scooter, how are you?...Yes, we are coming to see you.  Yes, Haley is really excited to see you too... Are you getting along with that baby?...Oh, good....OK, we will see you soon.  Bye."

I "handed" back her Handphone and she walked away.

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